iOS 7.0.3 update offers new features, bug fixes, and end to motion sickness

With Apple busy announcing its new iPad Air tablet and updated Mini, as well launching OS X Mavericks and revamped versions of the MacBook Pro, it’s little wonder an update to iOS 7 was kept in the shadows.

Anyone who’s been experiencing motion sickness with the latest iteration of Apple’s recently launched mobile operating system will be pleased to learn that using your iDevice need no longer cause you to feel dizzy, break into a sweat, or, in a worst-case scenario, empty the contents of your stomach over your hand and mobile (it didn’t really come to that, did it?), for iOS 7.0.3 addresses the issue.

It’s true, quite a few users – perhaps you’re one of them – have been complaining that the constant zooming animations and transitions which occur when you open and close apps have been leaving them feeling nauseous. One report claims that as many as 25 percent of iDevice owners have been feeling symptoms of motion sickness while using iOS 7. A parallax effect introduced to the home screen has also been leaving some users feeling a little queasy.  More