IoT and AI Consulting and Implementation

Intelligent Businesses are Paving the Way to a Streamlined Future

Businesses are becoming smarter as better and newer systems are being developed to identify and fulfill various business functions. Whether your focus is on improving user experience or the growth of certain facets of the business, implementation of action through IoT and AI consulting has proven to be promising. If you’re considering getting IoT or AI for your business, it is a good idea to opt for a seamless convergence of both.

IoT and OT ConvergeIoT and AI Consulting and Implementation

Operational technology (OT) stands to benefit more with the help of the application of Internet of Things (IoT). While the convergence of both entails smoother sailing for a business, there are various risks that can arise.  This is where IT steps up and addresses all the problems, creating a holistic system which is ever growing, ever evolving and garnering data that can be utilized to the best capacity with the help of AI consulting.

Business and Process Adaptation

Incorporation of IoT and AI in a business’s OT can be tough, particularly as both are domains which were previously handled separately. However, new technology has made it possible to adopt and utilize both together as the data generated through OT can allow AI to make educated decisions regarding the correct utilization of available channels created with the help of IoT. While adaption can appear as a huge step, it has a bigger future pay off which makes it worthwhile.

Connected Business Transformation

Business transformation begins from the system within. More and more businesses are recognizing the importance and benefits provided by IoT. For this reason, a connected business transformation revolving around the use of IoT and AI can allow a business to garner various benefits, particularly in providing means for generating revenue (incremental or unconventional) as well as boost the operational efficiency of a business. The data regarding usage of IoT and AI predictions for use in a business has helped to showcase that the future definitely involves a lot more usage of IoT.

Systems of the Future

The prediction for the convergence of IoT and OT isn’t just baseless. Almost 50% of businesses will have successfully adopted IoT by 2018 and more businesses are following suit, increasing that number with each day. The use of AI is also being strongly implemented and is proving good results. Uber is a good example of what businesses can achieve with a strong integration of IoT and AI to amplify the results garnered through their OT.

Of course, the role and importance of good IT measures and means is amplified in this situation which is why, it is a good idea to pay attention to the kind of IT service provider you are partnering with in the IoT verticle. With Percento, you can bypass a lot of problems and worries. We understand the relevance and importance of IoT and AI and can help you make full use of IoT implementation and AI consulting.

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