Latest iPod Touch packs more power inside

touchApple’s $199 iPod touch just got a tune-up, bringing some of the features of its music player in line with the iPhone 6 and giving it a processor that can meet the demands of future software.

The latest iPod touch, announced July 15, has an A8 chip built on 64-bit architecture inside. That’s the same processor that powers the iPhone 6, and it gives the new touch quite a boost over its predecessor. Apple says the CPU is six times faster than the processor powering the last iPod touch generation, released nearly three years ago.

Graphic performance is 10 times better, Apple says, and the new iPod touch also supports Metal, Apple’s technology for delivering console-style graphics on mobile devices. That’s not an insignificant addition — besides its roots as a music player, the iPod touch has emerged as a fairly powerful mobile gaming device. The addition of metal support and an improved processor mean that it will be able to play the kinds of sophisticated mobile games app makers are cranking out these days.  More