LG’s New G4 Smartphone Packs a 16 MP Camera and Leather Design

lgLG has just unveiled its G4 smartphone, and based on our short time with the handset, it might be one of the best phones you can buy when it hits the market this June.

The G4 improves on its predecessor, the LG G3, in a number of ways, and, most importantly to LG, rivals Apple’s iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 in terms of features and performance.

The most interesting thing about the G4 is its design. LG wants its new phone to be one of the best-looking smartphones on the planet, and to do that, it is offering the G4 with a rear panel covered in high-quality leather.

This isn’t the plastic faux leather you’ll find on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, either. LG says it spent three years researching how to produce the leather for the G4 and that the process to make one panel takes three months.  More

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