LinkedIn revamps its Pulse news app

pulseLinkedIn says it’s going all new for its all news app.

The networking site for professionals announced Wednesday it’s revamping its Pulse app, which displays news from users’ favorite sites, as well as those based on their profession and their LinkedIn connections and followers.

The revised app also allow users to browse through the content quickly, said Akshay Kothari, LinkedIn content manager and Pulse co-founder. He said the company decided to rebuild the app instead of “slapping on” new features to its current app to prevent its 30 million users from getting information overload and focus more on personalization.

“We wanted to make the leap to provide our users with an intelligent digest of news,” he said. “We want users to pick the right stories. We want to show them what’s trending in the industry they work in, where they live and what important to those you follow.  More