Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks tap tech to light up smartphone screens

fourthMacy’s Fourth of July Fireworks will use specially designed technology to integrate smartphones into the spectacular New York City display this year.

Set over the East River, more than 56,000 effects will feature in the display, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary.  For the first time, however, revelers will be able to synch their phones with the fireworks and see an impressive array of colors light up their screens.

Macy’s has teamed up with the Makelight app to produce the digital fireworks display. Makelight CEO Joanna Alpe told that the free app synchronizes the phones by playing a specially designed lightshow that matches the color, tempo and dynamic explosions of the fireworks.

Whether watching the display live in New York City or on TV at home, the app will enhance peoples’ enjoyment of the fireworks spectacular, according to Alpe.

“We love the thought that people can feel like they are holding sparks of the fireworks in the sky – by coming together, contributing their pixels and being immersed in the creative display all around them,” she explained, via email. “This is the perfect event to debut the new feature with.”  More