Microsoft and Linux!

Microsoft has 42 years of experience in the technology industry and has achieved incredible success through their hard work, innovation, and support. This multinational company is on the forefront of development and is constantly seeking new ways to transform their products to become more user and developer friendly. Recently, Microsoft announced its merger with Linux which speaks to the company’s passion and potential.

Linux is an open source operating system which is based on Unix. This software is seen across smartphones, cars, computers, gadgets, and appliances. Because it is an open software, Linux is easily customizable and adaptable. There are multiple distributions to accommodate the needs of a variety of users and environments. Using Linux is a popular solution because it doesn’t require costly licensing or software and has proven to be reliable and user-friendly.

Microsoft joined Linux as a Platinum Member in order to better collaborate with the tech community and, specifically, its partners who are making big strides in development. By altering existing technology rather than creating it from scratch, developers have more time available to create new, innovative solutions for the existing technology. These developers will also gain the power to create products for Android, iOS, and Windows.

The following are some highlights of recently announced plans from Microsoft:

  • Further development and applications of SQL servers. These servers are secure cloud environments that utilize in-memory performance data to create advanced analytics and actionable insights. This allows users to develop applications with advanced features for multiple platforms.
  • The ability to design macOS apps with a new Visual Studio for Mac.
  • Azure App Service’s availability which allows for the use of Docker container images.
  • New technology to help developers analyze large volumes of data and turn it into meaningful analytics which are used to create intelligent and predictive applications.
  • Capabilities which help developers produce better quality apps on faster timelines. Testing and user analytics are used to give designers necessary feedback.

We are excited to see what products Microsoft will come out with now that it is embracing this successful new technology. Stay tuned to our blog to find out about more developments in this partnership and other tech related news.