Microsoft Touch Mouse to get a feel for Windows 8 gestures

Microsoft is sprucing up its Touch Mouse to give upcoming Windows 8 users a helping hand.

Both the Touch Mouse and the Explorer Touch Mouse already support horizontal as well as vertical scrolling. So users who upgrade to Windows 8 can continue to use both devices just as they are.

Currently available as a beta for the Windows 8 Release Preview, Device Center will let you control the speed and acceleration of vertical scrolling.

But as detailed by The Verge, it will also support one-finger swiping to scroll up and down, a two-finger movement to manage apps and display the Charms bar, a three-finger movement to zoom in and out of the screen, and even a thumb gesture to move forward and backward from one app to another. >more

But Microsoft is unveiling a new set of gestures designed specifically to help you navigate your way around Windows 8. Tapping into the new gestures will be a matter of downloading Microsoft’s new Device Center, a program that can take full advantage of your mouse and keyboard in the upcoming new OS.