The Microsoft Windows Server rapture is coming

Microsoft is phasing out old software that practically everyone is still using. And if companies don’t upgrade, they’ll be left behind as hack bait.

Nearly every business still uses Microsoft Windows Server 2003, but Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) is ending regular support for that software on July 14 this year. That means no more patches and upgrades.

Windows Server is the software running those back-end computers you never think about. You know, the ones processing everything from shopping websites to company email.
A bunch of them will be exposed this summer.

As of last month, 21% of all servers still run this aging software, according to tech supplier Softchoice.

But the situation is far more dire than that. Softchoice, which sells hardware and software to businesses, found that 97% of data centers still use Windows Server 2003 on a computer somewhere in the building.

The real issue here is that Windows Server 2003 is just about everywhere. The trouble is going to be finding every last one of these servers and upgrading them. >more