Mobile Solutions

In the 21st century business climate, mobility isn’t an option; it’s a mandate. More employees are working from home, and executives need access to email and business apps while they’re on the go.

Changes in device preferences means that it’s not enough to give remote access via desktop PCs and laptops. Smartphones and tablets have leapt to the forefront of the portable device market, making it critical for companies to adapt through increased applications accessibility and effective IT policies.

Percento Technologies can assist your organization with a mobile strategy development and execution that compliments your business model.

Equipping Your Mobile Workforce

Whether your staff is located in the same city or around the world, Percento can set you up with the correct IT infrastructure to connect your employees to the data and applications they need to work efficiently. From establishing virtual private networks to providing cloud services, we give your workforce the freedom and flexibility to work from wherever they choose, whenever they want, and from any device.

Privacy and Security for Data on the Move

With a mobile workforce, anywhere you and your employees go, your data follows.  Percento helps prevent the loss of your business-critical information or potential of falling into the wrong hands. We accomplish this by leveraging the latest data security software, access controls, and cloud backup and recovery systems.

Mobilizing Your Web Presence

Don’t let your corporate website get left behind the times. Make sure it’s ready for prime-time viewing from any mobile device. Talk to us about how Percento can develop a responsive website so that your corporate message is visually clean and compelling across multiple platforms.

To find out how we can help your organization, please contact one of our friendly sales representatives for a review of your IT system and a comprehensive (No Obligation) proposal of services. Call today at 800-614-7886 or email us at