Wireless Networks

Since 1999, we have been providing IT solutions for our customers by personalizing their IT experience. If you are looking to improve your Wireless Networksinternet and wireless coverage throughout your whole building, then Percento Technologies can install a Wireless Network in your building. This will save your business time and money as well as avoid future frustrations from your employees.

We understand how frustrating it can be to have remote parts of your building that receive poor connection and coverage. With Percento’s Wireless Networks, our team of technicians install and place networks of antennas throughout the building to strengthen your current wireless connection and help expand the area it covers.

Capitalize on technological advancements

As technology begins to advance and the need for Wireless Networks grows, the Percento team capitalizes on those advancements. By choosing to invest in a Wireless Network, your organization can stay ahead of the technological choices both internally and for your customers. Our team of technicians go through vigorous training to educate themselves on how a Wireless Network should be installed correctly and efficiently the first time around. We want to ensure that your company always receives full coverage throughout your building.

Regardless of your building or industry size, we are confident that we can increase the connection and communication in your business. We will keep you informed every step of the way as we install and monitor your Wireless Network. We recommend where and why we think antennas should be placed to ensure the system is performing at its full capacity.

With a reliable Wireless Network from Percento Technologies, you won’t have to worry about having poor coverage anywhere in your building any longer. Learn more about our work with Wireless Networks and how they can benefit your business too by contacting the Percento team!

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To find out how we can help your organization, please contact one of our friendly sales representatives for a review of your system and a comprehensive (No Obligation) proposal of services. Call today toll-free at 800.614-7886 [Austin | Houston | Dallas | San Antonio] or email us at sales@percentotech.com.