New Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Shoes Vibrate to Give You Directions

shoes blueIndian startup Ducere Technologies is about to bestow a new form of high-tech footwear unto the world, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Called Lechal shoes, the Bluetooth-enabled smart footwear will sync up with an app on the user’s phone, which is connected to Google Maps. Once a user inputs their destination, the app will command the left and right shoes to vibrate, telling the user which way to turn to reach their destination.

“The shoes are a natural extension of the human body,” Ducere Technologies cofounder and CEO Krispian Lawrence told the WSJ. “You will leave your house without your watch or wristband, but you will never leave your house without your shoes.”

If you’re not a fan of the shoes’ look — can we all admit they resemble dorky water shoes? — users can remove the shoes’ Bluetooth-enabled insoles and insert them into a more stylish pair of kicks.  More