New Mercedes-Benz C-class shots show Google maps

The Mercedes-Benz C-class has come due for an update, and our first clue as to how it will look came in some new photos of the interior. Beyond simple design, however, these photos reveal some new connectivity integrated with the head unit: Google maps.

One of Mercedes-Benz’s photos shows an apps screen, with an icon for Google Maps sitting next to a Facebook icon, the latter app currently integrated into models such as the S550. Buttressing the idea that Mercedes-Benz has integrated Google Maps, but also confusing the issue somewhat, is another photo showing the new model’s LCD with an image that looks like it was taken from Google Earth.

Newer Mercedes-Benz models come with a mobile data connection and integrate such apps as Facebook and Yelp. If the company has integrated Google Maps, it would likely be complementary with a set of maps stored in the vehicle.  More