It’s OK, lefties, the Apple Watch is for you, too

app watchIf you’re a left-handed Apple admirer who’s been waiting and waiting (and waiting) for the launch of Apple’s smartwatch, you may have felt the hair stand up on the back of your neck yesterday when you realized the importance of the device’s so-called Digital Crown (DC), which lets users zoom, scroll and select content without obscuring the display.

But fear not, lefties of the world (who want an Apple Watch), Jony Ive and his team of considerate design boffins thought about that….

However, although no mention was made of it during Tuesday’s keynote, Apple has designed its wearable gadget so that owners can choose the orientation of the watch-face when they set it up, allowing left-handers to keep the DC hand-side when they wear it on their right wrist. The watch’s bands, too, can be switched to allow them to fit in the regular way.  More