Our Favorite Tech Themed Super Bowl Ads – 2017!

What a game! For some of us, Super Bowl LI was a great excuse for cheating on our new year’s diets, and for some it meant the chance to see a very intense game with the ultimate comeback story. For us, the Super Bowl is all about the commercials. We’ve picked some of our favorite tech-themed commercials and wanted to share:

We loved seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger back in action during this Mobile Strike Super Bowl ad. Hopefully this means we can catch him on the big screen soon!




We were happy to see other action stars, Gal Gadot and Jason Statham, make an appearance in this year’s ads. This commercial was a thrilling way to show off a product designed for simplicity and ease.




As if the John Denver sound track wasn’t enough, Google pulled on our heart strings with this family-themed ad for the Google Home. This ad proved Google has a strong stance on diversity and gave viewers a heartwarming message.

Speaking of heartwarming, Ford came out with an advertisement that spoke to the everyday consumer and the struggles we face in order to highlight a technological future. We liked that this ad didn’t focus entirely on cars and their features, but were happy to see a prototype of their self-driving cars!

With their first ever Super Bowl ad, Nintendo did a great job at highlighting the versatility and technology of the Nintendo Switch. We love the mix of player and game shots and, after seeing this, we can’t wait to start playing!




This year, we were glad to see a new direction from GoDaddy who used memes to show their platform’s internet success.

We’re not sorry that we love Justin Beiber’s guest appearance in T-Mobile’s #UnlimitedMoves ad. This funny rewind on football celebrations had us dancing along and we loved seeing the hashtag’s online popularity.