Palm’s App Store Blacks Out Over The Weekend

Welcome to the family, HP! Not even a month after Palm finally found someone to buy out the company, the mobile platform suffered a significant technical glitch, blocking out thousands of users from its online app store.

Verizon subscribers on Palm Pixi and Palm Pre devices complained over the weekend about various error messages popping up when they tried to log into PreCentral, its version of the iPhone’s App Store or Android’s “Market.”

Palm was at least quick to respond to the issues. On Palm’s official forums, product manager Joe Hayashi wrote, “If you’ve experienced any issues downloading or updating apps from the Palm App Catalog recently, rest assured that Palm is actively working to remedy the situation. If you’ve purchased an app, the transaction has been properly recorded and as soon as this issue is resolved, you’ll be able to access all apps you’ve purchased.”

A fix was put into place without too much of a blackout, over the weekend of all times, but Palm did not detail what caused the outage.

It comes at a bad time as computer maker HP recently announced plans to buy Palm, which has been struggling financially for years. It also underlines the fact that many other companies had simply refused to buy Palm, which ironically used to be one of the most heralded brands in the mobile world.


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