Here are all the places you can use Apple Pay

apple payApple’s digital and online payment system, Apple Pay, kicks off today in the US. Created to streamline and simplify transactions, the service works similarly to Google Wallet and allows iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users to pay for products through their handsets.

In-store purchases can be carried out with the smartphones’ NFC chips (the same one that Apple Watch owners can also use), while app purchases can be executed and verified through a user’s Apple TouchID fingerprint. Other TouchID-enabled devices, like the iPad Air 2 and Mini 3, can pay for in-app transactions too, thanks to the Apple Pay update in iOS 8.1.

With six banks, 31 businesses, and 18 apps currently participating, the service appears to have strong support from some of the biggest US retail companies. In addition, five more banks, eight businesses, and six apps will join Apple Pay later this year. The platform is due to roll out to other countries outside the US as well, and since its September launch, Apple reported that it has partnered with 500 more banks around the world.  More