Preorder your $30,000 diamond-bedazzled Apple Watch

watchIf the estimated $349 (basic version) to $5,000 (gold version) price tag for an Apple Watch just seems way too low for your tastes, you can turn to jeweler Mervis Diamond Importers to provide you with a bonkers luxury alternative. Mervis is offering up a $30,150 (about £19,250, AU$36,730) diamond-encrusted version of the Apple Watch for preorder with an expected delivery date in the middle of 2015.

Sure, the Apple Watch isn’t even out yet, but don’t let that hold you back from putting down some cash on a sparkling smartwatch that will make your friends’ cheap-o $350 versions look like they came out of a 25-cent vending machine.

The diamond Apple Watch wallows in 18-karat rose gold and features a band that glows with eight rows of high-grade diamonds totaling over 15 carats. Mervis teased the custom luxury edition of the watch on its Facebook page. Considering how the gold-plated world of luxury gadgets seems to be booming, expect the Mervis take on the Apple Watch to be just the first in an eventual avalanche of bespoke bands for the highly anticipated wearable.

This isn’t the first time Mervis has turned its attention to an Apple product. Back in 2010, the company went sparkle-crazy on an iPad, creating a $20,000 version of the tablet.  More