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  1. Richard Parks

    This naturally follows the evolution of company property on personal assets.

    In the old days, one would take work home in a briefcase. Then came personal PC portables and laptops.

    Cell phones and PDAs touched on this same subject, but smartphones do take to another level since they are so capable, customizable and so very much transportable.

    These have become powerful tools in capable hands. They also seem dangerous in careless hands.

    Company policy provides not only a degree of legal protection, but also should spell out simple and reasonable guidelines for responsible use.

    Company-mandated apps also can protect company knowledge assets, but also can hinder innovation. Each company has the right to dictate that balance.

    The employee has the right to accept or refuse the company policy on his/her personal property by simply not using it for company business.

    That brings to mind another comparison — motor vehicles. What happens for one using his/her own personal car for company business , or for using a company car for personal travel?

    Any thoughts?

  2. Richard Parks

    Funny how Nielsen measures web and social media; they’re not just TV ratings anymore.

    What was once were novelties are birthing social revolutions.

    Underneath it all, we’re still people, right?

  3. Richard Parks

    Good article. Many companies with informal in-house IT project do lose a lot of time/energy in throwing in their systems and “seeing if i works”. Though flexible, the staff expend too much effort putting out fires.

    A strong issue not stressed in this article is security. Some companies place their systems on the Internet with peer access and no firewall (just like they have at home). This immediately demonstrates obvious problems.

    Another example is password policies. I have seen small companies install Microsoft Sharepoint out of the box with all defaults and the same password for all accounts. Again, his shortsightedness can lead to serious issues dangerous to the company.

    Experienced and knowledgeable consultants can avoid these shortfalls.
    Businesses that develop good relationships with IT consulting companies can provide trustworthy solutions to keep pace with this rapidly changing world.

  4. Richard Parks

    Ends Driving the Means.

    The drivers for all of these are accessibility, availability, and usability.

    Concluding that carriers will drop all wired investments for wireless is like saying the country will replace grocery store shopping with home delivery everywhere (a true vision held by some).

    These are both services that meet needs.
    Wireless access to purchase a subway ticket from anywhere in a minute (as in a recent tv commercial) demonstrates the availability and usability for wireless.

    In contrast, using a cell phone to design the safety control system for a manned space module simply does not work; that’s too unwieldy and potentially insecure. (It’s easier to write a napkin).

    Also, increased availability also requires level of trust. While Web2 apps open the doors to creative use, hey also can invite a Pandora’s box.
    How we apply them determines innovation, acceptance, and growth.

    Things will eventually grow, and Web2 evolution for wireless (and wired) access will further carry humanity into the future.