Product News: AutoCAD Coming to the Mac, iPhone and iPad

The 3D architecture and design application AutoCAD, long missing from the Mac platform, is finally making its comeback. Autodesk plans to release a Mac OS X version in October, and versions for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are in the works, too.

“The combination of this new version of AutoCAD and the extension of AutoCAD to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is a big step in Autodesk’s efforts to accelerate design and make design more accessible for an ever-greater number of people,” commented Autodesk senior vice president, Amar Hanspal.

AutoCAD for Mac OS X will support multi-touch trackpad gestures and Cover Flow, along with cross-platform DWG file format sharing.

Autodesk will also release AutoCAD WS for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for free. The mobile version will let users edit and share AutoCAD files, but won’t offer the same level of controls found in the Mac OS X version.

Rumors that Autodesk was working on a new version of AutoCAD for the Mac surfaced in May, but the company didn’t offer any confirmation at the time.