Reasons You Need a Mobile Strategy

Group of Multiethnic Busy People Working in an OfficeEarlier on, a company’s main focus used to be on launching its website, but during recent times, it has been seen that a large percentage of people access the internet from their phones. This is the reason why startups need to develop a mobile strategy along with the websites. Did you know that almost 51% of the viewed digital media is accessed from mobile phones?  Almost 11.3% of the web viewers now browse the internet solely from their mobile devices. Because 91% of the smart phone users keep their phones within reach during all times, isn’t it a good idea to use this to maximize your profit?

 Mobile Has Different Requirements

You should know that looking at a website from a phone is different than looking at it from the computer. Last year, Google created “Mobilegeddon” after it was announced that the search results for the websites that weren’t mobile friendly will be low. Mobile friendly designs are those that don’t clutter the page. In a mobile friendly website there is a need to reduce the number of texts that is placed on each page. This increases the user’s ability to scan the pages and retain the information that is mentioned on the website. It is highly recommended that websites that are being optimized for mobile usage should lay emphasis on graphics and visuals because human beings are highly stimulated by visual cues.  Make sure that the professional you are hiring adjust the layouts according to the size of the screen of the people that will access your website.

Try Apps

Application is a great way to reach to customer and gives you a leverage that you simply can’t achieve from a browser.  Apps are a great way to build your business and get in touch with your customers. Other than this, apps allow better functionality to users and gives way to a more seamless experience. Your app will give customers a chance to click on a button and get connected to the customer care services, who can guide them about the product in real time.

Marketing Will Be More Effective

A lot of people don’t know this but 955 if the text messaging coupons are opened within 15 minutes of them being delivered according to several sources. Mobile phones are becoming an important tool when it comes to the buying process for the customers. Almost 70% Americans said that they liked getting promotional content on their phone and almost 22% of mobile coupons are shared by people. Mobile phones are basically with the customers when they make the purchase during the shopping process. This means that everyone needs to have a sound mobile strategy that will expand their business.

 Millennials Always Have Their Phones

There are now 75.3 million millennial consumers and only 74.9 million baby boomers. These millennial always have their phones that they used to research things before making an actual purchase. In order to cater to this class, every business needs a sound strategy.


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