Report: Google tablet on the way

For all you iPad fanboys or haters out there, The New York Times is reporting a Google tablet that uses Android is imminent.

Via Wired:

Google is almost ready to start selling its own tablet. The device, according to the New York Times, will be “an e-reader that would function like a computer.” So close is it that Eric Schmidt, CEO at Google, was describing it to friends at “a recent party in Los Angeles.”

A Google tablet wouldn’t be the only other tablet released this year besides the Job’s god machine. Among the companies planning 2010 releases include: Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Nokia. There’s also the German-made WePad, by Neofonie, which will also run on Android and Linux. It apparently will feature Flash, Adobe Air and Java script (plus a Web cam), unlike the iPad.

And all this development can only mean one thing: Consumers will benefit.

Via the NYT:

For consumers, it could all be good, as more companies offer their version of the slate, a new breed of consumer electronics, in a design free-for-all. The products, which will generally cost less than $600, provide different, and in some cases unusual, features that reflect the companies’ visions of what matters most to people.

“We’re living in extremely exciting times right now,” said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, the chief executive of Nokia. “It’s quite challenging to define what industry we are in because everything is changing.”