Report: iPad, iPhone still rocks with teens – iWatch, not so much

iwatchApple products are still a favorite among tomorrow’s workforce, U.S. teenagers, according to a new survey, but the jury on smartwatches is still very much out. 

Despite increased competition, the iPhone and iPad still rank high among American teens, according to investment firm Piper Jaffray’s 28th semi-annual Talking Stock With Teens market research project.

The percentage of teens asking for the tiny GoPro action sports camera as a gift doubled from the last survey and is up 4x from a year ago (though still only 1.33%). 

As for Apple, it remains a top consumer brand for teens. The survey indicates 67% own iPhones (up 6% from Spring, 2014) and 73% expect their next phone to be an iPhone. Sixteen percent of those surveyed said they owned an Android tablet. 

The report indicates that while teens still prefer to shop in-store for their fashion needs, they are increasingly shopping online and while using smartphones and tablets. They also prefer sites associated with stores versus pure play e-commerce sites.

“We also observe trends that indicate teens use social media, mainly Instagram, to create their own unique personal brands and seek peer affirmation,” said Steph Wissink, co-director of research and senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray. “Millennials continue to be early adopters of change who use technology to engage with brands ‘on demand’ on their own time.” >more