Roku takes over Hisense and TCL TV home screens

rokuWe’ve seen Roku-ready TVs before, but upcoming models from Hisense and TCL take it to another level—they use the Roku operating system as the TVs’ main interface. One of the coolest features of doing so: The devices you have connected to the TV—your cable box, Blu-ray player, or game console—show up as apps on the home screen, so you don’t have to remember which gadget is connected to which input. You just click on the device “app” and the TV automatically switches to the appropriate connection. We first heard about these new Roku TVs at CES back in January. The TV’s home screen looks similar to the one you get when using a Roku settop box. If you need to access more features, such as the TV’s picture controls, you simply push the “star” button on the Roku-style remote control to pull up a menu system on the left side of the screen. The star button is contextual, so it will call up a list of options that are related to the type of content you’re watching. So, for example, if you were watching live TV from an antenna, you’d be able to access the closed-captioning feature. You can change picture settings whenever you’re watching content, whether it’s streaming channel, live TV, or from a connected external device such as a Blu-ray player. The various picture settings are accessible in any of the TV modes.  More