Samsung Norway hints at an all-glass Galaxy S6, see all their teasers here

Samsung-all-glassSamsung’s Norwegian branch is attracting attention again with another bizarre teaser, aimed to drum up excitement about the upcoming Galaxy S6 announcement on Sunday. After teasing displays, stereo speakersand the like, they are now hinting at the rumored glass surface that the S6’s metal chassis is allegedly going to be covered with.

Now, before you scoff at these teasers, bear in mind that they are purposefully outrageous claims, taking the notions to the extreme – this time the glass speculation is depicted with a transparent see-through phone that obviously won’t materialize like that.
Samsung Norway is either mocking the rumor mill, or cryptically hinting at extra features we still don’t know about. In any case, we will be front and center at MWC when Samsung takes the stages, so stay tuned for every bit of wonder surrounding the new flagship. >more