Samsung and Barnes & Noble team up to create a new Nook tablet

barnesWe haven’t seen a new Barnes & Noble Nook tablet in a couple of years—but today, at an event in New York City’s Union Square Barnes & Noble store, Samsung and B&N unveiled a new co-branded tablet: the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook.

Mike Huseby, CEO of Barnes & Noble, called it “the first full-featured Android tablet optimized for reading.”

That optimization essentially takes the form of Barnes & Noble’s Nook software, which is a skin over the conventional interface of a Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4.

The 8GB, 7-inch device, which comes in black or white, features a “Nook Library” widget on the home screen that shows your recent or favorite content and a convenient shopping window.

Three Nook app icons also show up on the home screen: Nook Shop, Nook Search, and Nook Today, for new-content discovery and purchase. A small book button in the lower left corner takes you to the e-book you’re currently reading.  More