This is Samsung Pay in action (hands-on)

BARCELONA — Samsung Pay, the company’s answer to Apple Pay, puts a virtual wallet on your phone, turning everybody’s favorite device into a mobile payment powerhouse.

I got a chance to check out a demo here at Mobile World Congress, a few days after Samsung announced the anticipated service.

See the video above for the live-action look, as well as the photos and step-by-step below.

samsung-payStep 1: Scan your card

Setting up Samsung Pay with your credit card is easy. You open the app and scan in your credit cards. You can manually enter the information as well, though scanning worked fine in my demo.

Step 2: Pick your payment

When it’s time to shell out your cash, you swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access your scanned cards. Swipe through to find the one you want, then press your finger to the fingerprint sensor. A small onscreen animation indicates where to position your digit.