Self-driving cars are what your business needs: here’s why.

A childhood fantasy of most kids in the early 90’s was flying over buildings and the standing traffic on a flying magic carpet. The famous American animated film Aladdin was the driving force behind this fantasy. Watching Aladdin fly over the streets of Agrabah made every child and even some adults want the same experience for themselves. While flying over buildings on a magic carpet is still a fantasy, your ride taking you places by itself is not fiction anymore. The advent of self-driving cars has made travelling around town in a driver-less or self driven/robotic car a reality.

What are self-driving cars?

A self-driving or robotic car is a car capable of carrying out transportation activities without requiring any human help. Self-driving cars are currently not available for commercial use and are limited to be used only as a first example or a demonstration car.

How does the self-driving car work?

A self-driving /robotic car usually consists of a GPS and navigation system as well as a range of sensors including radar, lidar etc. The car uses the navigation system to restrict its movement, the GPS to position itself, and the sensors to clarify its position.

How will self-driving cars change our lives?

Self-driving cars will change the way we travel. With the help of autonomous cars, we will be able to do the following things

  • Watch TV while we travel without having the need to concentrate on the road
  • When the cars would be able to drive by themselves, the need for parking spaces will vanish
  • The car will become an integral part of our lives, just like our home, school and workplace
  • As the cars would be able to drive themselves, the possibility of sharing/exchanging of our cars with people we know would increase

Why self-driving cars will be good for business

As already mentioned, self-driving cars will change the way we live our lives including how we do business. It is expected that self-driving cars will make doing business easier and cheaper. Travelling expenses are a major business cost. Designed to optimize braking and acceleration effectiveness, self-driving cars will improve fuel efficiency. This is turn will allow you to lower your cost of doing business. In addition to making travelling cheaper, self-driving cars will save you time.


By doing most or all of the driving, self-driving cars will allow you to save the time spent commuting. You can use the time saved by self-driving cars to perform an important business task or use your phone/laptop to find out ways of making your business better. McKinsey predicts that once self-driving cars go mainstream, the total time saved by commuters worldwide could be close to a billion hours each day.


When they finally become available for commercial use, self-driving cars are going to change how we live our lives and who knows with a few modifications to them, the cars may even end up flying by themselves, allowing millions of people to realize their childhood fantasy.