Sharp’s New Smartphone Is a Robot

At a glance, most modern smartphones look identical—a slim, sleek rectangle. But Sharp has a new vision.Robohon

The company’s new mobile robot phone—or RoboHon—stands 8 inches tall, with a 2-inch screen on its back and a camera in its face. Built to resemble a human (with moving appendages), RoboHon is a digital personal assistant, a friend, and a communication device in one.

Like any smartphone, it will make phone calls, send and receive emails, download apps, snap photos, understand voice commands, and play music and games. But RoboHon will also walk, sit down, stand up, and even dance; it also identifies people by facial recognition and projects photos and videos out of its eyes.

Developed by roboticist Tomotaka Takahashi, Sharp’s new cell phone even wakes you up in the morning, reads text messages aloud, and can react to your mood.

With its color-changing eyes, mechanical movements, and ability to hold a conversation, RoboHon aims to build a bond with its user—a feeling plenty of people have already developed with their iDevice or Android handset.

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