Six apps that make holiday shopping a snap

Don’t get bogged down by the dozens of junk coupon apps that are hard to navigate with ads too small to read. As a deal huntress, I can vouch for a few that actually help manage the mall madness:

A barcode-scanning app is essential to making sure you’re getting the best deal. I like RedLaser (owned by Ebay), and ShopSavvy. Once you scan a product’s barcode, both apps show what it costs at other stores and online. Many big-box retailers offer a price-match guarantee at the register when you show that a competitor is selling it for less. (And it helped me save a few bucks at Best Buy.)

You don’t need to collect the weekly circulars or print out promotions in your e-mail with Shopular. Use it to quickly search for coupons and promotions from more than 130 retailers. The home screen can be set to only display deals from the stores you care about.  More