Skype For Business Taking Place Of Lync

percento-skypeMicrosoft announced on Friday that now Skype users will be able to make video calls to their Lync Contacts.
Before the Skype and Lync users were able to send messages and make voice calls over-IP connection, however now the users of both will be able to make video calls as well. Further they are not require to install any update for making video calls.

“This means Skype and Lync customers can connect with more colleagues, partners, and customers, streamlining communications across both work and life,” said Elaine Ansell.

It is expected that it is a move of Microsoft’s plan to replace Lync with Skype. During November, The largest software developer said that they intend to close down the Lync brand in 2015 and will replace it with Skype for Business.

Microsoft said that Skype for Business will have almost same feature as Skype, further Lync users won’t have to worry about any of the features in Lync. >more