SnapPower USB electrical outlet coverplate requires no wiring

SnapPowerSmartphones, tablets and gadgets, oh my! Wall warts suck all the space out of our electric outlets. If only every outlet also came with a separate USB port. Oh wait…they all can. The SnapPower Charger coverplate on Kickstarter wants to transform all your outlets into USB charging stations.

USB wall outlets have been done before. Take the U-Socket for example, a device that replaces a standard receptacle and wall plate. What makes the SnapPower so appealing is that it requires no wiring work. You remove the old wall plate and snap the new one into place. You don’t have to fiddle with any wires. The USB port sits at the bottom of the coverplate and draws power from the screws inside the outlet.

The coverplate offers 1-amp charging, which may mean larger electronics like tablets take longer to charge. Backers are hoping SnapPower will up the ante and perhaps go with a 2.1-amp charger as a stretch goal. SnapPower has considered the possibility, but currently has no plans to offer the upgrade.  More