The startup that won itself a Super Bowl ad

toysSo you’re a little startup.

You employ 15 people and you think you’ve got a great idea. Oh, and then someone has the bright idea to run an ad during the Super Bowl.

Are they insane? Not at all. All you have to do is enter a competition against 15,000 other small businesses, sponsored by Intuit.

But then GoldieBlox wins, and it feels like the three bears might eat its lunch.

GoldieBlox is a company that makes engineering toys for girls. The company became something of a love object for Kickstarter donors in 2012 and now looks forward to a bright and intelligent future.

But with online voting having propelled it into the largest and harshest commercial light possible, can its 15 employees cope?

Goldiblox founder Debbie Sterling — oh, of course she went to Stanford; it’s compulsory for startup CEOs — promises that her company is ready.  More