Stop Windows 10 spying dead in its tracks with one free app

windows 10The verdict is in: people love Windows 10.

Microsoft’s new operating system has been a hit with the tech press and users alike, with millions of people around the world singing the new software praise. Yes, anything is better than Windows 8, but Windows 10 isn’t just “better than Windows 8,” it really is a terrific piece of software that dials back Microsoft’s earlier missteps and encourages productivity.

Of course, nothing is perfect and Windows 10 has a few issues.

Beyond the bugs — here are some common Windows 10 problems and how to fix them — Microsoft’s Windows 10 software has some features that can certainly be considered an invasion of privacy, and they’re enabled by default. We told you how to opt out of several of Windows 10’s spying features in an earlier article, but now there’s a new free program that can do almost all of the heavy lifting for you.  More