SXSW coverage: Is Houston’s tech scene more “mature” than Austin’s?

I arrived at South by Southwest this morning and effectively plunged into the height of Austin’s technology scene.

As thousands of people swarmed around me, I wondered, “Could an event like this ever happen in Houston? And how is Houston’s tech scene different from Austin’s tech scene?”

I asked this question to Dustin Wells, CEO of Headspring. Headspring, a custom software development company is based in Austin, but has plans to open its first Houston office in the spring.

Wells said that Austin has an abundance of technology employees that are young, and this evergreen population is great fodder for events like SXSW. However, in Houston, Wells believes he can find even more experienced talent to grow his company so that the Houston office could surpass the size of the Austin office.

“Houston is a great town, and it’s not an accident that we are moving there for talent,” Wells said. The majority of Headspring’s employees tend to have started families of their own and earn six figures, he explained.

In Austin, Wells said he enjoys the relatively small size of the technology community, and he hopes Houston will be the same way. >more

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