Technology has made its way into golf

golfSAINT SIMONS ISLAND, Georgia  – “There’s a fine line between the artistry of golf and the advancements in technology,” Sea Island Golf Performance Center Manger Craig Allan said this week. “We walk very carefully along that fence.”

As the age of technology has made it’s way into golf, spin rates and launch angles are as much of the conversation regarding being a better player as are keeping your head down and finishing your swing.

“I can push a player toward game improvement technology in clubs but the player has to like the club they’re looking at on good days and bad,” Allan explained.

Over the course of about three hours, Allan worked with former NFL quarterback Matt Robinson working through his irons, his wedges and his driver. A variety of iron lengths, shaft flexes and different manufacturers were tried until the combination of statistics and feel were matched up. Using TRACKMAN technology, a Dutch company that has dominated the swing analysis market, Allan was able to measure the launch angle of every shot, the spin rate of the ball, the distance and the height of every swing.  More