Technology is changing the recruitment agency: Here’s how

Careers At Percento TechnologiesThe increasing use of technology in business and the importance of being tech-savvy is something we hear almost each day. In this day and age, embracing technology is the only good option we have. However, many people fear that technology may make their jobs obsolete and this includes recruitment agencies. Whether this fear is justified or not is something we need to answer. Therefore, we’ll be investigating if technology can replace the recruitment agency or not.

Is Technology making the Traditional recruitment process obsolete?

Technologies such as the applicant tracking systems have certainly made the recruiting process more efficient. However, technology is also making the process more mechanized .Humans have an ineffable quality that no computer in the world possesses. The “gut feeling” we get from interacting with other people has absolutely no substitute.

How strong of an organizational or cultural fit someone might be for a particular job is something only a human can figure out. However, this in no way undermines the importance of technology. The human element is something technology seeks to support rather than supplant it. Technology is most certainly making the recruitment process easy and the sooner recruitment agencies/companies realize this, the better it will be for them.

Recruitment Qualification Mission Application Employment Hiring Percento TechnologiesToday, technology is innumerably helping both employers and recruiters. An example of this is the applicant tracking system. Based on a number of factors such as skills, experience, and education, applicant-tracking systems sort out unqualified and undesirable applicants.

How technology is enhancing the recruitment process

It is often the smaller companies that find it difficult to recruit candidates of sufficient quality. The reason is the lack of internal resource and brand awareness. Another reason may be the location of the employer i.e. being in less attractive areas. Other companies that struggle to recruit quality candidates include ones with a limited recruiting budget.

These companies do not have the finances to hire a recruitment agency and as a result have less exposure to the pool of potential candidates. The recruitment process often ends up becoming a cause of frustration for them. For larger companies, scanning through a sea of applicants to find the best fit for the job can be an overwhelming task.

However, there is good news for companies struggling with recruitment. In order to reduce inefficiencies created by unfit recruitment systems, more and more low cost technology solutions are emerging today. Today a range of Software led solutions including modern Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are available.

These solutions are designed to make the process attractive for employers and remove friction for candidates like reducing their cost and giving them access to more roles. Technology has certainly made the recruitment process more convenient.

With a simple click of the mouse, employers can get access to a large pool of candidates. Technology cannot completely eliminate the human element from the recruitment process .However, recruitment agencies will cease to exist if they do not change their ways and accept technology wholeheartedly.

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