The Best Health Devices of the Modern Era

Check out the innovative gadgets that have hit the health industry this year and taken consumer tastes by storm everywhere.Sportswoman using smart devices


This sensor watch is really a fitness tracker that measures motion and strength in particular. Its added perks are coaching features in real time so that users exercise correctly and get the most out of their routine. There is an iOS mobile app that you can download for free as well.


Dreampad delivers music through gentle and calming vibrations that only you are able to hear in bed. The gadget is essentially is a stress reliever. It stimulates the relax response of the body, and helps in improving your performance during the day in both emotional and physical functions. It has also shown results where it eases sleep related problems in adults.


Violet is the new cool device that allows customized user experience for optimizing the exposure from sunlight that your skin goes through. This device first monitors the sun exposure that you are under and then alerts the user against skin damage if you are exposed to more sunlight than you require. It also calculates your daily Vitamin D intake by measuring beneficial Ultra Violet light.


Cefaly is an FDA approved medical device that is used in helping the users cut down the chances of migraine headaches. The product has been approved for users who are at least 18 years of age. According to manufacturers when used as guided it can also reduce medication use by 75%.

Doctor with hightech computer screen viewing patient dataFinis Neptune

Music works as a powerful motivator in a lot of cases. Finis Neptune can be secured into your eyewear, and through bone conduction audio, it relays music to your ears, without you needing ear buds. When submerged underwater, the music becomes super clear and loud. Finis Neptune has a built in storage space of 4 GB for your playlist, and a rechargeable battery that goes on for 8 hours.


Cue is like your personal little medical laboratory. It allows the user to identify testosterone levels, vitamin D levels, and fertility. All it requires to do all that is a bit of nasal swab, saliva, or blood. It also conveniently connects to mobile devices.

Cube Sensors

Cube Sensor is a smart device that identifies temperature, humidity, glow, and air quality. With this it alerts the user if any of these factors are in adequate. This makes one more aware and helps them work towards breathing better and sleeping better.

The Smart Gluco Monitoring System

The iHeart Gluco monitoring system is created to make the life of diabetics a lot easier. It works as a detachable piece that fits on the bottom of your smartphone. They provide test strips as well, where you can take a sample of your blood, after which the iHealth app charts your glucose levels, in a comprehensive record.

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