The Coolest New Tech Gadgets of 2016

Virtual reality glasses and drone, free space2016 has brought about a lot of exciting new gadgets that are sure to make people want to have them all. From VR technology to a mechanism that scans chemical composites, the year was full of cool surprises.

Raspberry Pi 3

Pi 3 is an odd company, with several expensive and highly coveted gadgets to their name. They are also one of the most important tech devices in the market. Pi has made DIY computer projects more accessible, approachable, and affordable. In fact, the third generation model of Pi is a massive upgrade from the last. It has higher processing power, standard Wi-Fi connectivity, and works for people who would like to know more about what’s inside their own gadgets.

Phantom 4 (DJI)

DJI does not seem to give up trying to dominate the drone machine market. It is not exactly a whole different product than the model that was released last year but does include numerous enhancements which are incredibly helpful and appreciated by enthusiasts. Phantom 4 is by far the easiest drone to pilot, and therefore, works well for newbies.

Changes and additions in the drone include automatic flying mode, obstacle detection, and the most impressive one, which is being able to focus on an object or person during flight.

Oculus Rift

After years of giddy impressions and prototypes that we could only see in trade shows, offering a refined virtual reality experience, the Oculus Rift made its debut in March. It’s built to fit, and performs really well, making it a high end virtual reality gadget. There is little surprise that the device keeps on having shortages; clearly the manufacturers did not consider it to be as big a hit as it turned out to be. Following this, the most anticipated complementary device is now the Touch controller.

The ZeroUI Ziro Robotic Kitspersons are developing a project

There are several DIY robotic kits in the market, but you probably won’t come across any that comes with a smart glove to let you operate it. You can build your own small car, a droid or anything that you want using your smartphone app. The coolest thing is that you don’t have to press controls to command your robot, simple actions of waving your hand or clenching your fist does the trick.

The Wearabel Translator

Logbar’s iLi transator can be hung around your neck, and used to translate between different languages in real time. This way, you can have lengthy conversations without being bothered about your linguistic limitations. However, this device has had some mixed reviews, which left a lot of enthusiasts doubtful of their investment in it.

SCiO Molecular Sensor

Need to know exactly what you’re eating? This hand held device will make your life a lot easier, and your search for chemical composition and nutrients more accurate. The molecular sensor can be fit in your pocket, and scans liquids, plants, food, and pills to inform you of their makeup.

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