The Importance of Message Alert Notifications for Mobile Apps

We are pretty sure most of you have used apps recently on your iPhone or Android device and have heard notification sounds from popular apps like Facebook messenger and Whatsapp. Although you might consider those ding and dang sounds annoying, they are equally important as well. Why? That’s because they inform a user of important things like received messages, updates, unlocks, bonuses, reminders, etc.

Mobile app developing companies incorporate message alert notification sounds in their apps, often with the ability to choose from many different sounds. And as you know, mobile app development has been on the rise ever since the invention of a smartphone. The earning potential from making apps for smartphones is tremendous and if you are interested in getting a piece of this pie, you should consider developing your first app as well.

But since this will be your first app, you should understand the importance of implementing message alert notifications in all your apps.

Why is it Important?

Okay if you still think that putting notification sounds in your mobile apps is just a time-consuming activity; understand that there are more benefits to it than just notifying your users about something. Here are three primary reasons why they are needed:

  • Alright we have already mentioned this: they inform users of any new content or pending tasks.
  • Your users are engaged and it builds a sense of interactivity within the app.
  • New content doesn’t need to be refreshed manually.

How to Choose the Right Kind of Sound?

Notification alert sounds can be useful, but at times, they can be troublesome as well. Hence, when incorporating a sound, make sure you provide the option of switching it off. Secondly, ensure you use a sound that is pleasing to the ears; don’t use rock music, heavy metal music, or battle cries as sounds. Thirdly, the sound mustn’t be so soft that it cannot be heard. So, avoid using sounds of the wind or waves as notification alerts.

When it comes to producing a sound, you can either do it on your own or hire the services of a freelance professional to generate the sound for you. If you decide on making your own sound, make sure to utilize a high quality microphone while doing so; it doesn’t matter if you are singing or playing an instrument, the sound recording equipment must be accurate and fast.

If you are feeling lazy and instead, go for a professional DJ or artist like Tom Jones, ensure they are reliable, amazing, and cost-effective. You can also use more than 400,000 sounds at Audio Jungle; all of the sounds have beautiful effects, are inexpensive, and royalty-free. The prices are low as well; sometimes you can get a sound effect for only a dollar! Most of the sounds have been produced by renowned artists and sound engineers from all over the world. Hence, select a particular sound you like and implement it within your app.

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