The Latest Business Technology Trends

Business People Using Computer Working ConceptThe ever evolving and adaptive technology is transforming and driving business all around us on a daily basis. The progress is so consistent that we have reached a point where no one really notices it any more. In order to stay on top of the game, businesses need to gain a competitive edge that these technology trends offer by embracing them sooner rather than later.


Now, communication can be embedded into your phone apps easily. Applications, such as Skype and Whatsapp, are great for video, chat, and audio file sharing, but they still need you to open a separate app. Web Real Time Communications is changing this with emerging embeddable communications. 11.3% of all internet users rely solely on mobile devices to get online. This year, you will be able to see more of the click-to-call buttons embedded directly into apps so that they may cater directly to a growing mobile minority. When customers have questions as they shop for anything on an app, all they have to do to talk to a customer support representative is to tap a button on their smart phones.


While businesses accept credit cards and transferring money via paypal, which frankly a lot of people who aren’t that tech savvy have learned to love, this friction that is caused for making payments will go down. Apple Pay and Google Pay are the next big things in the field this year. They make payments as easy as a click of the button. The best part is that people are able to reverse transactions too, and those actions are made super easy as well. People are also able to send automatic invoices via email.

Receive Updates in Real Time

Think about it. Would you not love to be alerted every time inventory was low, or that before you check for problems in field equipment or something goes wrong the machine signals to you? Aircraft manufacturers and companies, such as Rolls Royce, are building aircraft sensors. These sensors not only collect data, but send it immediately to the user. These are helpful in detecting if anything is going to break down; therefore. allowing business owners and project managers to avoid calamities.

SecurityBusiness People Office Worker Working Concept

Digital security is just as important as making sure that your inventory is locked indoors and is safe. Emails are never really secure; employee mobile devices do prove to be unprotected in several cases. The VoIP phone systems are not fully encrypted, and many websites have gaping holes that we don’t even know about. When embracing technology, we leave this factor out, which might cost us a lot.

Over the years, 5000 company data breaches have compromised 815 million records that contained information about a person’s medical history, social security number, and bank data.

The biggest technology trend, therefore, is using encryption in both data transportation and at rest, using effective enterprise mobility management, especially when using mobile devices, and installing containerization so that a single hack does not affect entire systems.

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