The Reading Experience Evolution via Technology

Close up on hands of woman using smartphone and tabletGone are the good old days when having hardback in your hands was the best feeling in leisure time and when a whiff of the paper sent your mind on a slow, peaceful walk down nostalgia lane. The rise of e-reading has left hardback books far behind. With availability of smart phones, tablets and laptops, reading a book behind the screen is the new and convenient pleasure for the ones having a taste for words. Of course, there are still many of us who just can’t seem to get enough of paper-based books – but the number of converts is still greater. I have always been an avid reader and a vehement opponent of digital reading, not so anymore. I swear by my Kindle now once I was exposed to its magic. To each their own though.

Let’s take a look at the top mobile OS apps that have changed how reading is done for good.


Kindle is a reading app (also a device, but that’s not the subject today) available on Android, Windows Phone and IOS by Amazon.  A stupendous array of books is available on this app ranging from literature to science. The books are well organized in categories and with proper descriptions and reviews. Kindle is the King of reading apps currently, dominating the e-reading circle with its amazing technological options. With a separate gadget to its name that is specially designed for reading purpose only, Kindle provides the best of reading experience at hand. The subscription and accessibility are charged though.


Ranking right after Kindle, Nook grabs the second position in the e-reading apps’ world. One of the smartest features is the cross device syncing which helps you transfer the saving you made in your read to another device. The app provides access to as many as 4 million books, magazines, comic, researches etc. the graphical features are customizable of course. It is available on IOS and Android, out of which the latter provides more customizable options to interface.


Scibd also stands as a strong contender in the e-reading battleground. It has a library of more than 5 million books, 900+ publishers, and a wide selection choice from all categories of publications. The layout is also attractive and easy to use. Jokingly or not, Scribd is often termed as the “Netflix of Books”.


With options to read in versions of EPUB, Adobe DRM and PDF, Aldiko is a classy and chic app, as you say it. Unlike Kindle, a basic version is free and premium can be bought on subscription. The app allows a wide selection in fonts, text sizes, layouts and margins and provides an easy to understand and neat interface.

Having eBooks change the sky for the readers, audio books were not something new to the imagination. What mothers did for children for bedtime, now audio books have taken charge of that, only in a more tech-savvy manner. It has not only provided convenient pleasure and ease for the people who are not so fluent in reading, but also helped the ones who hail from a different socio-cultural background. This stands true for fictional reading particularly.

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