The Tech Impact – How has IT Changed the Global Business Scene

Business People Meeting in the OfficeThe dynamics of the world have been significantly altered and have made it a global community that is intricately interlinked. Every sphere of life is influenced majorly  by globalization, be it politics, business, economic, or social. Talking about the effects of globalization on business, the entire landscape has changed fundamentally. From communication to job opportunities, everything has been revitalized in a way. There’s no single event that marks the globalization of the business world, but over the last few decades, communication, transactions, dealings, employment options, pretty much everything has gone global. For much of this, we have technology to thank.


IT has revolutionized communication in business. The introduction of telecommunication and then electronic communication has ended the pain of waiting. The transactions and dealings are communicated effectively and smoothly, without lag. The option of live communication provides the means to personalize the entire process and have a much stronger impact. Now businessmen can talk to their counterparts, employees, and clients from long distances and still make it look like they were physically present the entire time.

High Tech Jobs

With ever increasing industrialization, the input of IT in manufacturing businesses was drastically increased. Eventually, with the sophistication of technology, the businesses have also benefited on financial fronts, of course.  Lesser time, capital and labor is needed with more focus on special skills and ability of technical handling.

Record Keeping

The manual record keeping has been outdated with the advancement of Information Technology. With options to customize and long term and shot term savings, a gigantic amount of data can be stored in a small space. This has enabled businessmen and key managers to utilize space and time on record keeping a lot more efficiently. Electronic availability of records and data has eased the manual hassle as well. Updating invoices and ledgers is no longer an issue with the computerization of systems and widespread availability of software.


A significant reliance of businesses is on the analysis of current trends of business. Software and data systems are not only used for record keeping but for analysis too. The entire data can be entered into software to analyze data patters and predict future trends or provide deeper insights into current ones. They results obtained can be used and manipulated however needed, and compared to manual analysis, this is considerably less strenuous. The disposal and savings of this information is also easier in electronic form.


Information Technology is not something out of the world anymore. Saying that it is accessible to everyone will be a gross understatement. It is nothing but a need and having access to it is more of an aftereffect of this extreme reliance on technology. From the requirement of computers to high tech equipment, the business sector is heavily dependent on IT and accesses a great deal of its offerings. More, the needs of businesses are now actually driving the direction of new tech inventions.


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