The Technology Trends We See Coming Our Way!

The whole world is turning into a more intelligent, digitally aware and smarter place to be in, where people are more informed than ever Autonomous car interior conceptbefore not just about local trends, but things that are happening in places they have never been to. In the business world, technology will take the face of everything, we know that much for certain. Here is everything that we see making the tech trends with a combination of content, devices, people, and services.

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Apps

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have skyrocketed to what might be a very import point, where they will keep on extending every technology enabled service and application. They will create digital systems that help you learn, adapt, and act autonomously, instead of simply being able to execute predefined instructions. Smarter learning options are a prediction for the year 2020.

Think about it, apps that act as virtual personal assistants, these can transform workplaces by making everything easier and immune to human error. It might be more user interactive and therefore more efficient in use too. Artificial intelligence providers will most likely be focusing on advanced analytics, autonomous business processes, and conversational and immersive user interface. In two years time from 2016 we might be looking at big corporations exploiting these intelligent apps.

Other Intelligent Things

Usually, the first few things we think of are drones, robots, and autonomous vehicles. Each of these areas are evolving to impact a larger segment of the market and to support a whole new phase of digital business. However, these also represent a portion of market. We will be employing intelligent devices in medical facilities, factory floors, offices, and our homes.

What is more interesting is that we know that intelligent things will keep on evolving and will become more popular over time. They might move from a standalone to a collaborative model, where intelligent things may even communicate with each other to perform tasks.

Digital Twins

It is possible that down the road, many things may be represented by their digital twins, which is a dynamic software model of a physical thing or system. You can use physics data on how components of everything work and respond to the environment, as well as the data that is provided by sensors in the physical world. The digital twin aids in simulating and analyzing conditions in the real world, how to respond to changes, and how to add value and improve operations.

persons are developing a projectAR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can entirely change how people interact with other people and with software which creates a very immersive environment for them. Virtual reality helps in creating remote experiences and training scenarios. Augmented reality, however, allows the combination of real and virtual worlds. It means one can overlay real scenes with graphics; think about looking at hidden wires in a wall before you.



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