The Top VR Headsets of the Year!

persons are developing a projectWe have finally reached the age where virtual reality is no longer classed as science fiction. All the big names in the tech industry have come out with their own Virtual Reality head sets. However, it remains to be seen whether Virtual Reality platforms are really a long term thing and are as widely accepted as it is predicted. With so many in the market, it will take some time to catch on with each one. We are going to save you the time so that you can try the best of the lot.

PlayStation VR

Sony’s PlayStation VR is the current choice for a lot of editors. It offers the most if you fancy polished, sleek looking devices over anything else. The headset is available for a reasonable price. However, the limitation about it is that you can only play propriety titles on it. The theater mode allows you to play any PlayStation game you want, it is like sitting in front of a large television screen as you play those games.

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift headset has fast become directly related with the idea of VR, more than any other device in the market right now. However, many skeptics have caused it to lose its luster against HTC VIVE and PlayStation VR. This particular headset costs $200 less than the Vive and does not have the Rift’s entire room Virtual Reality experience. We get what the low price is for; for you to hold on to that $200 because that goes into the upcoming controllers for the headset.

Samsung Gear VR

This is one of the most easily accessible ones. The Virtual Reality system works with a compatible Samsung Galaxy smart phone. However, people who already have Samsung compatible phones may be able to use it.

Daydream View by Googleheadset

This one has a lot of hype about it, but it has not come out yet. The Google Daydream virtual reality platform is a lot like the Google cardboard concept. You get to put your phone in an inexpensive headset, which functions as your display because of the set of lenses that separate the screen into two different images. There is a sync-able remote that you can hold in your hand which controls everything in your virtual reality world. The one thing that fans have been able to find about the Daydream device is that it comes with relatively stricter technical requirements.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive has comprehensive packaging which has a headset, 2 motion controllers, and a couple of base stations that make the entire room into your virtual reality space. The workings of this VR headset are super impressive. It is probably the only one that tracks movement from beyond your seat, with you getting 10 cubic foot of space. You get motion controllers with the headset as well.

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