The Verdict on This Year’s Coolest Apps Yet

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Here they are! All the apps this year that have people swearing that they cannot live without.


ExpressVPN allows you to keep your android devices safe on sketchy Wi-Fi systems. Just because you are at a public café it does not mean that you can’t log in to your favorite site. One of the reasons this app is so popular is because it is extremely safe and super fast. It comes with an SSL secured network, and guess what, unlimited bandwidth too.


1Weather could easily be the top most weather app at the app store right now. The best thing about it is it’s easy to navigate design. If you have used other weather apps you will know what this means. Other than this you are in for an in app radar that shows you approaching weather. The free version does not miss any features that the paid version has; the only difference is the presence of advertisements.

Nova Launcher

This is one app worth checking out. The app is consistently updated and therefore always serves as a great option for launcher replacement. It also has a host of features including the feature that restores and backs up your home screen set ups. If you plan on going premium you can tack on gesture controls, and different types of icon swipes too. To know how good the rest is, you have to use it to believe it.


LastPass is the password manager that always seemed a bit step ahead than the other password apps. And that is all because of it being made entirely free of any charges. It saves passwords for all apps, but auto-fills passwords for those that you use every day. When you download this app you get to avail the password generator feature which suggests passwords that are difficult to hack.


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This is a to-do list app that works beyond being a mere list. The app helps you keep track of different things that you may need or want. It has reminders and everything else that you would want from an ideal to do list. Plus it’s absolutely free to download.


Tasker could be the king of apps –  if you’re able to take the time out to go through its guidelines first. The super cool app allows users to make their own customized commands and use them in various places in your Android phones; pretty cool huh. In fact because of this liberty of command craftsmanship you will find tons of tutorials for this online.

Solid Explorer

File browsing is something everyone wants to do once in a while. If you are going to do it, you might as well be equipped with a fantastic file browser. Solid Explorer is as good as they come. It has features like Archiving Support, Material Design and Cloud Service Support. This is one cool app that only costs a couple of dollars.


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