Tips to keep your Cloud data secure

lockCloud based services allow you to relinquish thumb drives and portable hard disks when you’re on the move. This is what makes them so great. Whether it is Google Drive or Dropbox, cloud solutions provide you with the ability to store your date online and allow you to access that data from any location and at any given time. The only thing you require for this purpose is an internet connection.

Cloud solutions are a convenient way of storing and accessing your data. However, you need to keep in mind that these solutions are prone to many security vulnerabilities. In order to prevent unauthorized access of your personal data, there a few things that you must keep in mind. Here are some tips to keep your cloud data secure.

Encrypt your data

If you’re looking to protect your data online then the most important thing that you need to do is encryption. One of the most effective ways to secure your data is encryption. You add an extra layer of protection to your cloud by encrypting data. By encrypting your cloud data, you ensure that only the intended parties can read your information.

Think about Passwords

Critical components of good cloud security are strong passwords. In order to ensure that others can’t guess them, set unique and complex passwords. A strong password has 20 to 30 characters and includes a combination of capital letters, symbols, and numbers.

Another important thing related to passwords that you need to keep in mind is setting unique usernames and passwords for every cloud service that you use. The reason for this is simple—if you have the same username and password for every cloud service that you use then losing one cloud account means losing all of them.

Avoid storing sensitive information

Today, ‘real’ privacy on the internet is non-existent. Therefore, storing your top files or confidential data in the cloud wouldn’t be a sensible thing to do. Identity theft is on the high rise today and there’s very little we can do to prevent it. Furthermore, it is important for you to understand that there isn’t any foolproof way of protecting your cloud data from intruders. Therefore, the best thing to do here is store only non-confidential/ non- sensitive information in the cloud. This means that you must not store information like your home address, national identification number, credit card numbers, legal documents or client information in the cloud.

Create a backup

If you use cloud to store data then it is important for you to ensure that your data is backed up and saved on regular basis. You can ensure this by using MSSQL backup program. By creating a backup, you will be able to recover data in case of any ‘disaster’.

Think about what you click

At times, what you click on and what you do online determines the security of your cloud data. Therefore, it is important that you do not save passwords when you use a public computer. Furthermore, you mustn’t click on attachments and email links from ‘strangers’.

You can protect your data online by keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind. The aforementioned tips will help you to prevent data theft and protect your valuable information.

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