Top 5 Reasons to Outsource IT Services for Your Organization

Reasons-to-outsource-ITWe live in a day where computer technology isn’t just a useful tool to have, it is a crucial link to the world and the economy that is very difficult to live without.  In fact, an estimate by Forbes magazine in 2012 put the number of internet-connected devices in the world at 8.7 billion, almost a full 2 billion more internet-connected devices than there are people in the entire world.  With such a heavy emphasis on computers, networks, mobile devices, and inter-connectivity, your ability to optimize, troubleshoot, and solve your IT problems can make the difference between success and struggle for your business.  It may be time to think very seriously about outsourcing your IT solutions, and here are 5 reasons why this may be the time to consider doing so.


Your team may not be specialized enough to solve your IT problems

Even if you have team members who are qualified to run your IT, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the experience to do so.  IT is as complex as the technology that we use.  Even naturally gifted professionals run into things when dealing with organizational IT issues that are not expected. This can bring your business to a screeching halt.  Having gifted team members is incredibly valuable, but when your business and livelihood depends on having a network that works every day, it’s more than a good idea to have a team of experienced and specialized IT experts at the ready when you need it.


Outsourcing IT offers you flexibility

Some businesses don’t rely heavily on technology.  You may have a simple point-of-sale system on an old computer and a laptop running excel with a spotty internet connection.  You might not have a need for IT on a daily or even weekly basis.  Having a team of experienced IT professionals at the ready means that you have someone who is there when you need it.  This frees up your payroll and gives you the peace of mind that you will always have the help you need.

If you aren’t in charge of a major corporation with hundreds or thousands of employees, chances are good that there are significant cost savings for outsourcing.  Not only does one full-time IT employee not have the resources and knowledge base of an entire team of IT professionals, but a full-time salaried IT employee also may cost much more to you than an entire team.


Outsourcing lets you focus on your business

If you run a business, whether you’re baking cakes, remodeling homes, or even developing software, you want to focus on that.  The more time you spend trying to get things to work that don’t, the less time you’re spending doing the things that help your fragile bottom line.  You should never have to call a customer back because of computer and network issues, hoping that they will still want your business when you get things figured out.  It looks bad for your organization’s image and it adds unnecessary stress about things you shouldn’t have to worry about.


Outsourcing can add valuable security for yourself and your customers

Many IT outsourcing services offer remote monitoring, backup, and security for your data.  When your system experiences a major hiccup, there’s no need to panic.  With remote monitoring, a competent IT service will already know about it and will already be working on solutions before you even have a chance to pick up the phone.


Outsourcing gives advanced security options

Security in your infrastructure is vital to protecting not only your own internal data, but also information on your customers.  We live in a day where network security breaches make front-page headlines every day, and it’s important to protect your own information and the sensitive information of your valued customers.  Leaks lead to lawsuits, spoiled relationships, and loss of business.  A smaller company may not be able to survive a sufficiently large network intrusion, and it’s important to have specialized protection from them.