How to choose the right web hosting company.

To make your website visible to others, you need to publish or upload it with a web hosting service. A web hosting service is a service that provides space on the internet to websites. All Hosting services use web servers connected to a very fast network to store your website’s files. The most common hosting services on offer today include:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Collocated Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting

A web hosting service connected to the internet where many websites reside on a single server is referred to as shared hosting.

Collocated Hosting

Collocated hosting puts the responsibility of the server on you. You can only house your server with a hosting facility once you’ve purchased it yourself.

Dedicated Hosting

You will not have to share the server’s resources with other website owners if you choose dedicated hosting. You have the entire web server to yourself in a dedicated hosting environment. Fast performance of your web pages is a major benefit of this type of hosting.

Choosing the right web hosting company

Today, all hosting companies offer the same standard features. Following are the standard features that you’ll get with most hosting plans.

Control Panel

Control panel allows you to set up, update, and customize your web site. You can access your site on the web server through control panel interface. In order to expand and upgrade it, some hosting service providers offer their own control panel.

Disk space

You generally won’t have to spend much for disk space since storage is so cheap nowadays. If the hosting service has a bigger plan available and you need to upgrade then you should always leave room for growth or change.


The amount of data transmitted or received through a unit of time is Bandwidth. Visitors requesting and downloading the files present on your website consume bandwidth. So, when choosing a hosting service, keep in mind the number of pages on your website and the traffic you expect it to attract.

A Competitive Market

With so many hosting service providers available to you, you must carry out an analysis before choosing a hosting service. When making a choice, security, support, and good customer service is what you should look for. The most common server-supported network web hosting industry is Apache. Web site hosting, shared hosting, dedicated servers or Virtual Private Server (VPS) are the available hosting solutions.VPS costs only $50 a month while it costs between $ 50 and $100 for a dedicated hosting plan. Users usually look for hosting plans that support the programming languages they have a command over.


With so many hosting options available, it is important for you to know the things that a perfect web hosting company should possess.


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Microsoft and Linux!

Microsoft has 42 years of experience in the technology industry and has achieved incredible success through their hard work, innovation, and support. This multinational company is on the forefront of development and is constantly seeking new ways to transform their products to become more user and developer friendly. Recently, Microsoft announced its merger with Linux which speaks to the company’s passion and potential.

Linux is an open source operating system which is based on Unix. This software is seen across smartphones, cars, computers, gadgets, and appliances. Because it is an open software, Linux is easily customizable and adaptable. There are multiple distributions to accommodate the needs of a variety of users and environments. Using Linux is a popular solution because it doesn’t require costly licensing or software and has proven to be reliable and user-friendly.

Microsoft joined Linux as a Platinum Member in order to better collaborate with the tech community and, specifically, its partners who are making big strides in development. By altering existing technology rather than creating it from scratch, developers have more time available to create new, innovative solutions for the existing technology. These developers will also gain the power to create products for Android, iOS, and Windows.

The following are some highlights of recently announced plans from Microsoft:

  • Further development and applications of SQL servers. These servers are secure cloud environments that utilize in-memory performance data to create advanced analytics and actionable insights. This allows users to develop applications with advanced features for multiple platforms.
  • The ability to design macOS apps with a new Visual Studio for Mac.
  • Azure App Service’s availability which allows for the use of Docker container images.
  • New technology to help developers analyze large volumes of data and turn it into meaningful analytics which are used to create intelligent and predictive applications.
  • Capabilities which help developers produce better quality apps on faster timelines. Testing and user analytics are used to give designers necessary feedback.

We are excited to see what products Microsoft will come out with now that it is embracing this successful new technology. Stay tuned to our blog to find out about more developments in this partnership and other tech related news.

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Tech Savvy City: Montreal, Canada?

Montreal is the largest city in eastern Canada, located north of New York, in Quebec. This city is located at the junction of two rivers making it a hub for shipping and tourism. Major companies including L’Oréal Canada, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and Cirque du Soleil call this city home because of its thriving economy. The city of Montreal has a rich history and an even brighter future because the emphasis they’re putting on innovative and sustainable technology is parallel to the advancements in technology.

Montreal’s Smart and Digital City Action Plan aims to provide public Wi-Fi, develop an ultra-high-speed multi-service network, attract innovation in their smart city economic cluster, as well as ensuring many other creative commitments. All of these initiatives are designed to create better technology and to improve the city’s services and systems. One major improvement Montreal utilized was making a more collaborative environment for businesses, institutions, and citizens to work in. This is achieved through programs such as a “citizen laboratory” which encourages citizen involvement and studies the effects of local politics on their cyberspace.

Montreal is working alongside private companies to employ the best principals for its infrastructure. All the private companies Montreal is supporting are working to better the city and work on advancement in public arts, urban farming, and technology. Even tech giants such as Microsoft and Google are investing in this city to further their research of artificial intelligence, or AI. One example of a company that Montreal is supporting is a company named Waze. Waze is a Montreal based startup using AI to benefit the city’s basic infrastructure. This company aims to install 2,200 traffic signals which will collect real-time data on street and traffic conditions. This technology aims to help route emergency vehicles around traffic and even spot potholes needing repair, city trees needing maintenance or trimming, and repairs needed in bridges.

These factors contributed to the recognition of Montreal for the 2017 Intelligent Community of the Year from the Intelligent Community Forum. This community is comprised of over 145 cities, towns, and regions internationally and helps cities become more advanced and sustainable. This award measures cities based on broadband, knowledge workforce, innovation, digital equality, sustainability, and advocacy.  There are a few steps a city needs to take to even begin to be nominated for this award. Cities must be nominated and make the Smart21 Communities of the Year in order to be considered. Then, the international committee reviews further questionnaires and interviews to narrow down the Top 7. After the committee reaches the Top 7, further interviews are administered and finally the winner is chosen.

By investing in the future of technology, Montreal is seeing more success every day. Their Smart and Digital City Action plan recognizes the importance of bettering the lives of the residents in the community. This Action plan allocates specific goals for the start-up companies to strive for to ensure they are constantly creating new ways for the community to operate and thrive. This growth has been recognized internationally and will lead Montreal to more investments from the world’s biggest tech companies. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Montreal and which communities adopt this level of commitment.


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Understanding Online Loans and Their Benefits.

Today, you can obtain loans without ever stepping into a bank. In fact, technology has made it possible for us to obtain a loan from the comfort of our home. Though it is a convenient way to obtain a loan, you need to be extremely cautious when looking for online loans. Many people searching for online loans have fallen prey to scammers, so showing caution when shopping for online loans is crucial to find a legitimate online loan provider.

Comparing different lenders is far easier today than it has ever been though unlike previous times, in this day and age, you need to consider the secondary benefits of your potential lender in addition to the primary features offered by them. Also, it is important that the loan being offered has easily understandable terms and is transparent. Regardless of the secondary benefits it offers, an online loan is useful for many reasons. Following are some of them:


As it is entirely web based, the online loan application/ payment process eliminates the need for you to visit a brick-and-mortar branch.

Multiple avenues and perks

In addition to the conventional way, you can obtain an online loan through peer-to-peer (P2P) lending. In P2P lending, numerous private investors back your funds. Also, if required, lenders may offer you additional benefits such as greater payment flexibility.

Avoid ‘hard pull’ of your credit

Most lenders will carry out a ‘hard pull’ of your credit when you apply for a loan. Such a procedure may impact your credit score. Luckily, online lenders are not part of the aforementioned lenders. Unlike other lenders, online lenders perform a ‘soft pull’ to check a potential borrower’s eligibility for loan and interest rate. Generally, a ‘soft pull’ has no impact on the borrower’s credit.

No pressure to buy other products

If you get a loan from a bank or other conventional lenders, your lender may pressurize you to open an account or buy some other product from them. Unlike loans from conventional sources, an online loan is limited to the loan itself and does not require a borrower to open an account or buy another product. This makes the life of the borrower easy.


The aforementioned benefits are a few of the many reasons to opt for online loans. Generally, the process of obtaining an online loan is quick and simple to complete. If approved, the loan is sent to your bank account within the same day.

With online loans, you can restore your financial health and gain financial stability. By gaining financial stability, you can reduce stress, improve your life, and ensure long-term success. Monetary recovery is by no means easy but with an online loan, you can start your journey towards financial stability and success.


Percento is considered experts in the financial industry with multiple staff members clearing through the US Secret Service process.  We proudly manage multiple bank, credit union and financial institutions.  Contact Us today to learn more!


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HIPAA Breach Practices and Procedures

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, better known as HIPAA, is a national standard for electronic healthcare transactions and code sets, unique health identifiers, and security. These regulations aim to keep medical patients’ information secure. Companies including health plan providers, health care clearinghouses, and health care providers must follow these standards and procedures. If these companies fail to follow these regulations, they will face large monetary fines or even jail time.

Essentially, a breach is any act that compromises the security and / or privacy of protected information. This includes any access, use, or disclosure of information which threatens the financial, reputational, or other attributes of a protected individual. Exceptions to these regulations include: unintentional violations made in good faith and within the scope of authority, inadvertent disclosure between two authorized authorities, and disclosures made to people who authorities believe won’t retain the information.

When a breach occurs, businesses should adhere to the following process. It is important to keep record of these steps in order to demonstrate compliance. In the case of one of the above exceptions, businesses must document a risk assessment in regard to the incident, which demonstrates the probability of compromised data:

  • Individual notice: Depending on your contracts, businesses must reach out to affected individuals through first class mail or email to inform them of what breach occurred, what information was involved, the steps affected individuals should follow, and the violating company’s contact information. If there are multiple victims of whom 10 or more have out-of-date contact information, the company must post the notice on their website’s home page for a minimum of 90 days or provide notice in major print or broadcast media. Any incompliant businesses must create a phone number for customers to call to enquire about their specific information’s security which also must remain active for 90 days. All of these steps must be taken within 60 days of the breach’s discovery.
  • Media notice: If more than 500 residents are affected, businesses are required to notify major media outlets. It is recommended that this information is presented in a press release and required that it follows the same 60 day maximum timeline as individual notices. The information included should mirror that which is outlined in the individual notices.
  • Notice to the Secretary: Because this is a government regulated process, it is important for companies to also notify the Secretary of breaches. This form can be completed online on the HHS website. If more than 500 individuals were affected, the notification must follow the breach within 60 days, but if less were affected, annual reporting is acceptable.

It is required that businesses put in place written policies and procedures to protect patients’ rights and the businesses are required to train their employees on the HIPAA policies and procedures. Sanctions must be developed which impose appropriate punishments against noncompliant staff members. Here at Percento Technologies, we can help ensure your business’ HIPAA compliance is up to date and can increase your customers’ security. We have experienced specialists on staff, trained to help your business remain in line with these strict regulations. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you avoid costly breaches, give us a call today!

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Apps for Busy Professionals and Business Owners.

Are you a busy professional or business owner? If yes, then you need to know the ways of managing your time effectively. To be a successful, you need time management skills. As a professional or business owner, a great way for you to save time and manage it better is using the apps available today. Following are the tools or apps that can help you to manage your time better.

Messaging apps


Slack is a message app for projects. Up to ten users can use slack for free and you can use it to post messages and share links/files. Slack cuts down the need for e-mails.


You can use WhatsApp for both professional and personal purposes. WhatsApp is easy to set up and offers a rich ad-free experience.


Telegram is a mobile messaging App clearly meant for security conscious people. If you don’t want your conversations to get leaked, then Telegram is the most suitable messaging App for you.


Just like Telegram, Signal does well to prevent your conversations from leaking out. You can use Signal to send attachments, group messages, text, and voice messages.

Mail apps

In addition to the messaging apps, you can use the mail apps to effectively manage your time. Following are some mail apps that you can use.


Mailbox makes the sorting process quick and easy. You can use Mailbox to defer emails and reduce inbox clutter.

Apple Mail

A default app for iOS users, Apple Mail organizes incoming messages and supports multiple accounts.


Boxer is a powerful email app that puts a number of tools in front of you. This includes an integrated suite of contact apps, calendar, and mobile email.


The best thing about Hop email app is that it makes your emails look like instant messages rather than inbox messages.

Chat apps

Apart from messaging and mail apps, chat apps can also help busy professionally greatly. Following are some useful chat Apps:

Yahoo messenger

You can download Yahoo messenger on your smart phone for group chat and cloud-based photo sharing.

Facebook Messenger

You can use Facebook Messenger to send other users chat messages, voice messages and make voice calls.

Skype Messaging

You can use the Skype messaging app to send text, photos, and short video messages.


You can use the WeChat app for instant messaging, group chat, video and voice calls, and multimedia messaging.

For most professionals, team collaboration is very important. Thankfully, there are many apps for this purpose as well. Following are some of them:

Speaktoit Assistant

A virtual assistant, Speaktoit help you to schedule meetings and reminders.

Appointment Plus

Appointment Plus helps organizations and teams to schedule.


Evernote is a powerful collaboration and note-taking app.


Fuze is an app that allows you to perform online teleconferencing and meetings.

Finally, we come to the last of apps for busy professionals. These are desktop chat apps. Following are some of them:


TeamViewer is a desktop app that allows you to see users that are online and are accessing the same computer as you. You can even access other computers where TeamViewer is enabled.

Mocha RemoteDesktop

You can use Mocha RemoteDesktop app to access windows 7, Vista or XP from your Iphone.

Remote RDP enterprise

With the help of Remote RDP enterprise app, you can control your PC and servers when you’re away from the network.

XtraLogic Remote

XtraLogic Remote app allows managers to access the computers of employees.


By using the aforementioned tools, you’ll be able to manage your time effectively.

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Our Favorite Tech Themed Super Bowl Ads!

What a game! For some of us, Super Bowl LI was a great excuse for cheating on our new year’s diets, and for some it meant the chance to see a very intense game with the ultimate comeback story. For us, the Super Bowl is all about the commercials. We’ve picked some of our favorite tech-themed commercials and wanted to share:

We loved seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger back in action during this Mobile Strike Super Bowl ad. Hopefully this means we can catch him on the big screen soon!




We were happy to see other action stars, Gal Gadot and Jason Statham, make an appearance in this year’s ads. This commercial was a thrilling way to show off a product designed for simplicity and ease.




As if the John Denver sound track wasn’t enough, Google pulled on our heart strings with this family-themed ad for the Google Home. This ad proved Google has a strong stance on diversity and gave viewers a heartwarming message.




Speaking of heartwarming, Ford came out with an advertisement that spoke to the everyday consumer and the struggles we face in order to highlight a technological future. We liked that this ad didn’t focus entirely on cars and their features, but were happy to see a prototype of their self-driving cars!




With their first ever Super Bowl ad, Nintendo did a great job at highlighting the versatility and technology of the Nintendo Switch. We love the mix of player and game shots and, after seeing this, we can’t wait to start playing!




This year, we were glad to see a new direction from GoDaddy who used memes to show their platform’s internet success.




We’re not sorry that we love Justin Beiber’s guest appearance in T-Mobile’s #UnlimitedMoves ad. This funny rewind on football celebrations had us dancing along and we loved seeing the hashtag’s online popularity.



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2017 Top 4 Retail Technology Trends.

Creating a unique, personalized shopping experience for their customers is the primary objective of most retailers today. Over the past two decades, the shopping experience has undergone massive changes including the introduction of e-commerce and mobile shopping. The introduction of these two things has completely changed the way people shop. When it comes to shopping, today’s tech savvy consumers demand personalized touches and seamless experiences. If a retailer cannot ensure these two things, the consumers move swiftly onto the next one.

For retailers, staying updated on the latest retail technology trends is a necessity rather than an option. Each year, new technology trends in retail emerge and things are going to be no different in 2017. By staying updated on the latest retail technology trends, retailers will be able to take on 2017 with increased confidence. Following are the top 4 retail technology trends to watch out for in 2017.

The evolution of social commerce

In 2016, on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, ‘buy’ buttons became a standard feature. During 2017, the trend of purchasing items directly on social networking sites is likely to intensify. This is reason Facebook has announced that it’ll be adding the ‘buy’ button to its messenger sometime this year.

A natural social media progression that was long overdue, the aforementioned feature will allow retailers to process and accept payments directly from their messaging thread. The ‘buy’ button on the Facebook messenger is likely to grow social commerce and the adoption of social media amongst retailers. Retailers that don’t adopt this trend will be left behind.


Biometrics is a natural fit for retailers as it uses technologies such as facial recognition, voice identification, fingerprint systems, and iris recognition. Biometrics can help retailers to boost security and improve targeted marketing efforts. It is predicted that by the end of this year, millions of people around the world will be using a Smartphone equipped with biometric technology. The day isn’t far when customers will be able complete e-commerce transactions with just a selfie. This is a technology trend retailers definitely need to look out for in 2017.

Drone delivery

In 2015, many people predicted that 2016 would be the year drone delivery finally takes flight. Unfortunately, the feds had other plans and drone delivery remained a prototype during the previous year. The same is unlikely to happen in 2017 so retailers must watch out for the aforementioned technology trend if they wish to keep pace with the competition.

The increased use of digital assistants

Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are digital assistants most of us already know about and use. While the use of digital assistants isn’t a new trend, the technology is still in its infancy when it comes to helping users perform shopping activities. Though, this is likely to change in 2017 as Samsung and Nokia are set to introduce their digital assistants this year. Moreover, Amazon is making it possible for Alexa to order groceries for us. All of these things are likely to increase the use of digital assistants for shopping activities.

The aforementioned technology trends are the top 4 retail technology trends to watch out for in 2017. By keeping these trends in mind, retailers will be able to take on 2017 with increased confidence.

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How Customer Portals Improve the Customer Retention Rate!

A customer portal is a vital component of software technology used in business websites to enhance customer experience. If you have ever shopped online, you might have an idea; it is platform that enables you to purchase products or services, save your favorite items, submit support and help tickets, edit your billing address, etc.

Customer portals play a vital role in enhancing the customer experience, driving greater number of sales, and retaining those customers as well. How has this technology affected businesses in a positive way? Let’s take a look.

It Provides Information to Customers Quickly

You are living in the age of information where you want information and you want it fast. When you go to a website to shop, what’s the first thing you do? You try searching for the product or service you want. Businesses that have customer portals on their websites allow you to seek out the product or service you want in a timely manner and you know where to look.

Many customers state that businesses should be able to supply them with the all the important facts about their products and/or services quickly; with a customer portal, they can not only do that, but also provide information quickly on their mobile devices as well. This makes them happy and happy customers are the ones that keep returning for more.

It Engages Customers and Clients

Businesses engage customers through a variety of different ways, one of which is by using a customer portal. A customer portal provides interactivity with a business at any time and any day of the year; suppose if you want to purchase a particular product at 3 in the morning, you can easily do so through the portal and you won’t have to wait till business hours.

Furthermore, customers can read reviews on the product they choose through the portal and decide whether to buy or not. A portal also allows you to make payments safely and securely. You can check for taxes and shipping costs as well.

Through a customer portal, clients and customers can lodge their issues, complaints, and concerns by submitting tickets and sending personalized messages to the support team. The team will be able to handle their complaints on time and resolve their issues quickly. When a business can provide you with a great service such as this through a customer portal, who wouldn’t be satisfied? Of course, you would be and you would keep going back for more.

It Adds Value to a Customer

Customers respond to value and that’s what a customer portal does. With a portal, you can access certain vital documents and fact-sheets about a company’s products or services to gain insight. Moreover, you can track your shipment and see the estimated time remaining. You can change your billing address and credit card credentials anytime as well. These amenities give customers a sense of freedom, thus ensuring they return.

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Tips to Securing Your Business Online

Your business’s IT infrastructure is a vital component in ensuring its success, but what would happen if that very same technology was attacked either internally or externally? Of course, it would result in a disaster; vital information like financial data, client data, etc. would be lost or corrupted or it might even get stolen. This can also destroy your reputation and cause loss of customers and revenue.

Therefore, you should take certain steps to secure the digital assets of your business. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

·        Implement Security Policies

The first step in securing a business is to setup a security policy which is clear, foolproof, and strong. The policy outlines the rights of users when they access your organization’s network such as the limitations and privileges of employees. For example, the policy may restrict employees from downloading and installing risky applications or changing the network settings.

·        Use a Strong Password

You may heard this before, but let’s stress this further because it is one of the key factors in determining how secure you are on the internet. Never use easy to remember passwords like birth-dates or telephone numbers; instead, use strong passwords which are lengthy and have different characters like upper and lower case characters combined.

Furthermore, such passwords should expire every 3 months, so that the complexity does not change.

·        Keep Software Updated

Software and applications often have loopholes and bugs which can be exploited by hackers to gain access to your business data. To prevent this, always update your software as soon as the new update is released. For example, keep your anti-virus, drivers, firmware, operating system, etc. updated.

·        Install Firewalls

Firewalls prevent unauthorized access to your organization’s assets by filtering incoming and outgoing traffic and data. It prevents malware, keyloggers, viruses, etc. from gaining access to your system. A firewall also restricts hackers from trying to hack into your IT systems.

·        Do a Backup

Most people backup their personal files like pictures and videos to a removable flash drive; the same must be done with your business information as well. You can utilize cloud solutions for this purpose as it is reliable, safe, and cheap. Your data will remain protected even during a natural disaster, accidental deletion or theft.

·        Prevent the Installation of Third Party Software

In many organizations, employees cannot download and install software freely, but in some businesses, there’s no restriction on this and that can cause undesirable results. Hence, it’s important to educate your employees on how to differentiate between a safe website and an unsafe one.

Therefore, you should limit your employees from downloading certain types of software; even if they have to for some work, ensure that the software is from a trusted developer and publisher.

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