Implementing New Technologies to Enhance Your Business

When computers were invented for the first time, many businesses took advantage and started using them to automate their everyday manual tasks. That improved productivity and boosted revenue. The same thing happened when the internet was born. And now a new wave of technologies is upon us, one that will change the face of the business world forever.

Most businesses have already adopted these new technologies to improve their marketing, product development, and customer retention and engagement tactics. However, there are still some which haven’t especially small and medium-sized businesses. If you want to take your business to warp speeds, here are some of the most important technological advancements you need to incorporate.

·    Cloud Computing

Simply put, cloud computing offers hardware and software services through the internet. It has revolutionized the way businesses are being conducted. When you shift your business to the cloud, your technological capital costs are reduced as you won’t have to deal with hardware and software maintenance, for example. This happens because cloud services offer inexpensive storage, processing, and network solutions.

It’s more secure and you will observe an increase in productivity, which will increase your revenue.

·    Mobile Applications

Mobile phones have changed our lives and they have indeed shaped the way businesses are run. Before the advent of the smartphone, mobile phones were only used for calling and texting. When the smartphone arrived, businesses started developing applications to offer their services to customers constantly on the move.

Nowadays, mobile apps are used for trading, buying products or services, etc. People want business websites to be available on their mobile phones as well; hence, you should start developing mobile-optimized websites and appealing apps if you want to expand your reach and boost your sales.

·   VoIP Apps

You might be using apps like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Viber, etc. These are VoIP applications or voice-over-IP applications; in layman terms, it means communicating with another person over the internet. Such apps have taken over the world by storm because it reduces your monthly phone bills.

Businesses are also using VoIP apps like HipChat and Slack for real-time communication; this has cut down their monthly communication costs and has decreased email volumes.

·   Video-based Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is the goal of every business and customer support goes a long way in influencing it. Of course, providing customer support through live chats and telephone calls is a good way to connect to your customers; on the flipside, using live videos to deliver customer support changes everything.

When your customers can talk to representatives through face-to-face interaction, it engages them and boosts customer satisfaction levels through the roof. Furthermore, it streamlines the entire process by providing faster solutions and lesser confusion.

·    Software

Businesses have started using advanced software solutions like accounting software, inventory management software, web-based catalogs, database management systems, interactive websites, and customer relationship management systems. Incorporating such software will increase your business productivity and improve the workflow.

Technology is also utilized in enhancing the marketing of products or services like using videos for promoting a product. Mobile devices like tablets are often used to offer instant customer support. And let’s not forget using social media platforms to attract potential customers and obtain more exposure for goods and services. Combining all of these will ensure your business takes off at the speed of light!

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The Importance of Message Alert Notifications for Mobile Apps

We are pretty sure most of you have used apps recently on your iPhone or Android device and have heard notification sounds from popular apps like Facebook messenger and Whatsapp. Although you might consider those ding and dang sounds annoying, they are equally important as well. Why? That’s because they inform a user of important things like received messages, updates, unlocks, bonuses, reminders, etc.

Mobile app developing companies incorporate message alert notification sounds in their apps, often with the ability to choose from many different sounds. And as you know, mobile app development has been on the rise ever since the invention of a smartphone. The earning potential from making apps for smartphones is tremendous and if you are interested in getting a piece of this pie, you should consider developing your first app as well.

But since this will be your first app, you should understand the importance of implementing message alert notifications in all your apps.

Why is it Important?

Okay if you still think that putting notification sounds in your mobile apps is just a time-consuming activity; understand that there are more benefits to it than just notifying your users about something. Here are three primary reasons why they are needed:

  • Alright we have already mentioned this: they inform users of any new content or pending tasks.
  • Your users are engaged and it builds a sense of interactivity within the app.
  • New content doesn’t need to be refreshed manually.

How to Choose the Right Kind of Sound?

Notification alert sounds can be useful, but at times, they can be troublesome as well. Hence, when incorporating a sound, make sure you provide the option of switching it off. Secondly, ensure you use a sound that is pleasing to the ears; don’t use rock music, heavy metal music, or battle cries as sounds. Thirdly, the sound mustn’t be so soft that it cannot be heard. So, avoid using sounds of the wind or waves as notification alerts.

When it comes to producing a sound, you can either do it on your own or hire the services of a freelance professional to generate the sound for you. If you decide on making your own sound, make sure to utilize a high quality microphone while doing so; it doesn’t matter if you are singing or playing an instrument, the sound recording equipment must be accurate and fast.

If you are feeling lazy and instead, go for a professional DJ or artist like Tom Jones, ensure they are reliable, amazing, and cost-effective. You can also use more than 400,000 sounds at Audio Jungle; all of the sounds have beautiful effects, are inexpensive, and royalty-free. The prices are low as well; sometimes you can get a sound effect for only a dollar! Most of the sounds have been produced by renowned artists and sound engineers from all over the world. Hence, select a particular sound you like and implement it within your app.

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The Top VR Headsets of the Year!

persons are developing a projectWe have finally reached the age where virtual reality is no longer classed as science fiction. All the big names in the tech industry have come out with their own Virtual Reality head sets. However, it remains to be seen whether Virtual Reality platforms are really a long term thing and are as widely accepted as it is predicted. With so many in the market, it will take some time to catch on with each one. We are going to save you the time so that you can try the best of the lot.

PlayStation VR

Sony’s PlayStation VR is the current choice for a lot of editors. It offers the most if you fancy polished, sleek looking devices over anything else. The headset is available for a reasonable price. However, the limitation about it is that you can only play propriety titles on it. The theater mode allows you to play any PlayStation game you want, it is like sitting in front of a large television screen as you play those games.

Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift headset has fast become directly related with the idea of VR, more than any other device in the market right now. However, many skeptics have caused it to lose its luster against HTC VIVE and PlayStation VR. This particular headset costs $200 less than the Vive and does not have the Rift’s entire room Virtual Reality experience. We get what the low price is for; for you to hold on to that $200 because that goes into the upcoming controllers for the headset.

Samsung Gear VR

This is one of the most easily accessible ones. The Virtual Reality system works with a compatible Samsung Galaxy smart phone. However, people who already have Samsung compatible phones may be able to use it.

Daydream View by Googleheadset

This one has a lot of hype about it, but it has not come out yet. The Google Daydream virtual reality platform is a lot like the Google cardboard concept. You get to put your phone in an inexpensive headset, which functions as your display because of the set of lenses that separate the screen into two different images. There is a sync-able remote that you can hold in your hand which controls everything in your virtual reality world. The one thing that fans have been able to find about the Daydream device is that it comes with relatively stricter technical requirements.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive has comprehensive packaging which has a headset, 2 motion controllers, and a couple of base stations that make the entire room into your virtual reality space. The workings of this VR headset are super impressive. It is probably the only one that tracks movement from beyond your seat, with you getting 10 cubic foot of space. You get motion controllers with the headset as well.

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The Technology Trends We See Coming Our Way!

The whole world is turning into a more intelligent, digitally aware and smarter place to be in, where people are more informed than ever Autonomous car interior conceptbefore not just about local trends, but things that are happening in places they have never been to. In the business world, technology will take the face of everything, we know that much for certain. Here is everything that we see making the tech trends with a combination of content, devices, people, and services.

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Apps

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have skyrocketed to what might be a very import point, where they will keep on extending every technology enabled service and application. They will create digital systems that help you learn, adapt, and act autonomously, instead of simply being able to execute predefined instructions. Smarter learning options are a prediction for the year 2020.

Think about it, apps that act as virtual personal assistants, these can transform workplaces by making everything easier and immune to human error. It might be more user interactive and therefore more efficient in use too. Artificial intelligence providers will most likely be focusing on advanced analytics, autonomous business processes, and conversational and immersive user interface. In two years time from 2016 we might be looking at big corporations exploiting these intelligent apps.

Other Intelligent Things

Usually, the first few things we think of are drones, robots, and autonomous vehicles. Each of these areas are evolving to impact a larger segment of the market and to support a whole new phase of digital business. However, these also represent a portion of market. We will be employing intelligent devices in medical facilities, factory floors, offices, and our homes.

What is more interesting is that we know that intelligent things will keep on evolving and will become more popular over time. They might move from a standalone to a collaborative model, where intelligent things may even communicate with each other to perform tasks.

Digital Twins

It is possible that down the road, many things may be represented by their digital twins, which is a dynamic software model of a physical thing or system. You can use physics data on how components of everything work and respond to the environment, as well as the data that is provided by sensors in the physical world. The digital twin aids in simulating and analyzing conditions in the real world, how to respond to changes, and how to add value and improve operations.

persons are developing a projectAR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can entirely change how people interact with other people and with software which creates a very immersive environment for them. Virtual reality helps in creating remote experiences and training scenarios. Augmented reality, however, allows the combination of real and virtual worlds. It means one can overlay real scenes with graphics; think about looking at hidden wires in a wall before you.



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You Can Actually Optimize Your Vacation Through Your Phone

Portrait of woman in Carpathian MountainsYou probably hear about how there is an app for everything. While we are bombarded with intrusive advertisements for apps we never knew and which convince us that this is the one, we made things easier for you by listing the digital tools that will really help you optimize your vacation this time around.


This is a search app that does a great job at finding the lowest costing fares for you. You can search airfares by region, country, and continent, but here is where it gets better. This is a very flexible app and allows you to be able to browse by type of trip too; for example, whether you are travelling for adventure, cultural exploration of a city etc. This makes it easier for the app to narrow down the choices it presents to you.

Seat Guru

If you are the type of person who pays attention to detail and is pretty picky when it comes to the seating, Seat Guru is a great choice. The search tool in the app lets you look for seats that have everything you want, including wireless internet connectivity, in flight entertainment, power outlets etc. If you want to shop like a seasoned professional, make sure that you check the site’s plane charts before you book your ticket to make sure that you are not sacrificing two seemingly good seats.

KayakYoung woman  typing message on smart phone

You may have probably heard of this app. This is the handy best friend you look to when you have no idea of what makes a good vacation package. What seemingly may be a good deal could be a rip off. Kayak lets you search for bundled deals on everything from air fare to hotels where you can stay. The thing that gives this app an extra shining star is that it allows users to book directly through the app. If you find a place that Kayak cannot put you through to the reservation form, it will get you in touch with third party providers with a click through option. This is one site that offers the best price, right, left, front and center. The app comes with a lot of valuable extras, including an itinerary manager, a currency converter, and a flight tracker too.

Route Happy

This app makes sure that just because you are on a budget, you don’t have to go through the hassle of taking flights that take you everywhere around the world before you reach your final destination, so that waiting at airports tops your loathe list forever. Route Happy works through with Happiness scores which focus on itineraries which are shorter, have simple layover logistics, and some of the best prices. The app has a very user friendly design which makes it easy to see the benefits of every route that you can take on your trip. You can also book a trip directly from the Route Happy app.

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The Latest Business Technology Trends

Business People Using Computer Working ConceptThe ever evolving and adaptive technology is transforming and driving business all around us on a daily basis. The progress is so consistent that we have reached a point where no one really notices it any more. In order to stay on top of the game, businesses need to gain a competitive edge that these technology trends offer by embracing them sooner rather than later.


Now, communication can be embedded into your phone apps easily. Applications, such as Skype and Whatsapp, are great for video, chat, and audio file sharing, but they still need you to open a separate app. Web Real Time Communications is changing this with emerging embeddable communications. 11.3% of all internet users rely solely on mobile devices to get online. This year, you will be able to see more of the click-to-call buttons embedded directly into apps so that they may cater directly to a growing mobile minority. When customers have questions as they shop for anything on an app, all they have to do to talk to a customer support representative is to tap a button on their smart phones.


While businesses accept credit cards and transferring money via paypal, which frankly a lot of people who aren’t that tech savvy have learned to love, this friction that is caused for making payments will go down. Apple Pay and Google Pay are the next big things in the field this year. They make payments as easy as a click of the button. The best part is that people are able to reverse transactions too, and those actions are made super easy as well. People are also able to send automatic invoices via email.

Receive Updates in Real Time

Think about it. Would you not love to be alerted every time inventory was low, or that before you check for problems in field equipment or something goes wrong the machine signals to you? Aircraft manufacturers and companies, such as Rolls Royce, are building aircraft sensors. These sensors not only collect data, but send it immediately to the user. These are helpful in detecting if anything is going to break down; therefore. allowing business owners and project managers to avoid calamities.

SecurityBusiness People Office Worker Working Concept

Digital security is just as important as making sure that your inventory is locked indoors and is safe. Emails are never really secure; employee mobile devices do prove to be unprotected in several cases. The VoIP phone systems are not fully encrypted, and many websites have gaping holes that we don’t even know about. When embracing technology, we leave this factor out, which might cost us a lot.

Over the years, 5000 company data breaches have compromised 815 million records that contained information about a person’s medical history, social security number, and bank data.

The biggest technology trend, therefore, is using encryption in both data transportation and at rest, using effective enterprise mobility management, especially when using mobile devices, and installing containerization so that a single hack does not affect entire systems.

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Awesome Apps for Educators to Use in Classroom

Concentrated students - technologyTeachers are always on the hunt for the next best tool that will make it more efficient, easier, and better for them to convey concepts and ideas with students. Check out this year’s top app list for sparking curiosity amongst students, literacy skills, and so much more.


This is a collaborating app which works wonders. As a teacher, you can use this to assign group projects. This particular app works in a variety of settings. It is as easy as using a Facebook group except here, you can also incorporate Google Hangouts and Google Docs.

Explain Everything

This app is everything that the name suggests. It is, technically, an interactive whiteboard that connects with all the students. It may also be the most versatile app that you use when teaching. It makes use of the presentations and mic in your device and lets you animate, annotate, and narrate everything. The best thing about the app is that it works well in collaboration with other apps that you may have used, like Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, and YouTube. If you have anything you want to import to these apps, Explain Everything won’t give you trouble.

Class Dojo

The Class Dojo app helps in a lot of ways to not only engage students, but also keep their parents in the loop. It is more of a classroom management tool and motivates students to do their best in class through a virtual reward system where everyone earns points.


Students can learn great computer science fundamentals through this app. Their interface and design is exceptional. However, a step further for serious students who want to learn more in this niche would be the app named Scratch, which teaches core coding concepts.

EvernoteApps for Educators

This is the app that will be appreciated by every teacher. The reason behind this is because it allows you to completely forego the task of giving handouts. Students, on the other hand, don’t misplace their notes either. Teachers can also make a notebook through this app for assignments which will be shared with every student. The best part about this is that paper is not wasted and can serve as a sort of a ‘Green way of learning’, where the students don’t trash their handouts at the end of the year.


Moodle is an open source platform. It comes with a questionnaire platform where students complete tasks and anonymously give feedback on their online learning experience.


This app fully embraces the transition between the digital reading world and the traditional book reading practice. Through the app, teachers can layer web links, embed videos, and make notes for quizzes and assignments. This is a very interactive and simple-to-use app that improves your writing and thinking skills. It also assesses the progress of a student within the Common Core State Standards.

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How Speech Recognition Technology is helping the world become a better place

Close up on hands of woman using smartphone and tabletIn recent years, the concept of speech recognition technology has become increasingly popular. Today, both individuals and organizations are benefiting from this technology. There are a number of benefits of speech recognition technology including the ability to dictate. Today, speech recognition technology is helping the world in a lot of ways. Here is an example of this.

Usually, when we call most big companies, an individual doesn’t answer the phone. Instead, we’re instructed to press buttons by an automated voice recording. The automated voice recording answers the call and moves you through option menus. However, of late, many companies have gone beyond requiring you to press buttons. Today, you can get what you need by simply speaking certain words as instructed by the voice recording. A Speech recognition technology known as an automated phone system is what makes this possible.

Today, speech recognition technology is being used in homes and businesses. Using the speech recognition technology, you can dictate to your computer and have your words converted to text in an email or word-processing document. Furthermore, you can access menus and open files using voice commands. Since speech recognition technology produces words as fast as they’re spoken, it allows documents to be created faster. There is a logical explanation for this: compared to typing a word, it takes less time to speak it. Apart from individuals, companies also use dictation solutions. Usually, companies which need to perform healthcare and legal tasks use dictation solutions. Following are some ways speech recognition technology is helping the world.

Speech recognition technology is making life easy for people with disabilities

Speech recognition technology is helping people with disabilities such as individuals who are unable to type. Using specialized keyboards, individuals who cannot use their hands or are visually impaired can use the computer. These keyboards are equipped with speech recognition technology which allows them to take dictation from users. Therefore, using these keyboards, people with disabilities can perform many computer tasks.

Invaluable contributions to organizations

Speech recognition technology helps organizations in many ways. First and foremost, companies that provide customer service use speech multi-ethnic-business-team-working-in-officerecognition technology to reduce organizational costs and enhance customer experience. This way speech recognition technology benefits both the company and the customers. Speech recognition technology makes interacting with a live agent redundant: callers no longer need to interact with a live agent to input information such as account number, name, and reason for calling.

Thanks to speech recognition technology, companies no longer need live customer representatives to engage their callers. This eliminates caller wait time. In short, speech recognition technology improves customer experience and minimizes or eliminates the need of live agents. This helps a company to reduce costs and increase profitability.

Developed almost a decade ago, speech recognition technology has made life convenient for individuals and businesses. Speech recognition has transformed the way people with disabilities live their life and has helped organizations to cut their cost and improve customer service. Therefore, it is safe to say: speech recognition is helping the world become a better place!

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Mobile is now mission critical for e-business

Percento - Mobile BusinessWeb traffic from smartphones will make up 43% of all web traffic next year and will reach 52% globally in 2019, according to research firm Forrester.

The implications of such mobile web growth are profound, especially for e-businesses trying to effectively reach their customers and partners.

Such widespread reliance on mobile devices instead of desktops means that enterprises next year should begin a dramatic shift to in-house mobile developer teams, Forrester said in a new report, Mobile is the face of digital.

Beginning next year, there will also be a robust focus on other ways, besides apps, for mobile users to connect to businesses. Already, some consumer transactions and communications to companies via mobile are done through third-party software, such as Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s iMessage or Siri, Forrester said.

 “Fundamentally, companies have become more commerce-oriented with mobile and are past the stage where mobile is a project or a media buy,” said Julie Ask, a Forrester analyst and co-author of the report, in a telephone interview. “Mobile is now really core to a business, as companies are realizing they need more control.”One result is that companies next year will hire more mobile developers, with the headcount at Fortune 100 corporations “easily” reaching into the hundreds of developers, according to the report. The scarcest job pools will not only be in developers, but also for product managers, data analysts and designers. Forrester predicted that companies will still need to augment their mobile staffs even as they “wean themselves from full-project outsourcing.”

After Apple introduced the App Store in 2008, many enterprises had to outsource their mobile projects to third parties to keep up, but now that mobile is mission critical to the business, large companies are shifting to in-house capabilities.

Forrester noted that the increased focus on mobile doesn’t mean designing for just one channel. In one example, United Airlines designed its website for mobile and then extended that design to the desktop web. >more

Business Technology. Anytime. Anywhere. 

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Technology trends to look out for

Business Team Corporate Marketing Working Concept - Managed IT ServicesPost World War 2, the world has witnessed rapid advancements in technology. Today, each day brings with it a new technology. For better or worse, the world is changing and technology is playing a major role in it. Technology is the catalyst driving innovation in business and in our personal lives. Over time, technology has gotten bigger and better. As a result of this, technology trends have continuously evolved.

In conjunction with the ever-increasing innovation, rapid advances in technology are changing the way we do business and live our lives. Today, we’re increasingly connected to technology such as our smart phones, technological devices, and IT support systems. Therefore, keeping up with the latest technology trends is extremely important for us. The technology trends are a precursor to how technology will be used and things will be done in the near future. Therefore, knowing about the latest technology trends is important. To help you in this regard, following are some technology trends to look out for.

The use of intelligent applications

While individuals and small businesses are already using intelligent devices and applications such as digital assistants and chatbots, big enterprises are yet to benefit from them. However, this is set to change in the not so distant future. Many intelligent applications for big enterprises are ready for use and it’s predicted that they’ll be in use soon. An example of such intelligent applications is IBM’s virtual healthcare assistant which can memorize most of the world’s medical text and journals.

Artificial intelligence will improve consumer experience

Ever since it was first discovered, artificial intelligence has been used for a number of purposes. However, only recently have businesses started to realize its potential to improve consumer experience. Today, businesses are using artificial intelligence to enhance consumer experience through immediate answers to queries, increased social presence, and personalized customer interaction. We can expect this trend to grow in 2017 and beyond.

The increased use of BlockchainsBusiness professionals analyzing financial data - Managed IT Services

Each day, more and more people are becoming aware of Blockchains. In many ways, Blockchains resemble Excel spreadsheets. However, Blockchains are more secure and no central authority is required for approval of transactions. It is expected that in the not so distant future Blockchains will power supply chains and distributed ledgers and in doing so will change the way we record transactions. Therefore, the increased use of Blockchains is a technology trend to look out for.

Digital technology departments

Most companies already have an IT department. However, of late, some companies have introduced a digital technology department in their organization.

Today, most of the business is done online and through smart phones. Therefore, having a digital technology department in a company makes a lot of sense. Today, the majority of the companies are embracing the importance of having a digital presence. Therefore, it is widely predicted that soon most companies in the developed world will have a digital technology department.

Technology is constantly chaining and so are the technology trends. Therefore, you need to be aware of the latest technology trends. The aforementioned trends are some technology trends to look out for in the near future!

If you’re always forgetting contract deadlines then online contract management is the perfect thing for you. With the help of a built-in alert system, the contract management software will notify you when it’s time to review contracts. Automated alerts inform you in advance about expiration dates, contract milestones, and renewals. Furthermore, these alerts are fully customizable.

Technology has made contract management easy and convenient. Today, you can manage contracts using contract management software. Contract management software enables you to manage contracts easily and conveniently. This in turn increases efficiency and reduces cost.

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