Twitter testing product and place pages, may add reviews, buy buttons

twitter-featuresTwitter is shaking things up these days with restructuring at the higher level and now announcing some new features, as reported by AndroidCentral.

Twitter has now announced two new features which aims at making the information about products and places easier to access and talk about it to over 250 million active users on Twitter.

Many times people are discussing a particular product or a city or place they wish to visit. Finding the particular information at one single place is very difficult. With twitter’s new features users can easily make sense out of the vast amount of information from various people on the social media website without leaving the native app.

The first new feature announced by Twitter are product and place ‘pages’. The other feature is called the product and place ‘collections’.

The ‘pages’ feature organizes relevant tweets about a certain place or product on dedicated pages. That dedicated page is filled with rich information, photographs and videos which a user can access and get a fair idea about its description, prices, variants, where to buy it etc. There is a website link available to further browse about your favourite product or place.

The ‘collections’ feature will bring people and brands to create and share Twitter collections of their products and/or places bringing them closer to Twitter users without them leaving the native app. It will also feature a rich collection of texts, photos and videos just like the pages feature.

Update the Twitter on your device to the latest version to get access to all the latest features. Twitter is planning to test more things and tweak around the experiences making it more personalized and relevant. >more